Raw Sex with Man Ray: 1929

Two aspects of Nature can be very Raw: Weather and Sex
Both are tied to the Seasons

dievca has been dealing with Weather for the past 3 days.
she would like to move her attention to Sex

Yes, Sex can be gentle and loving. It can also be harsh and demanding.
In BDSM there is always the elements of domination and submission
surround by messy, earthy, direct and indirect actions.

Man Ray captured what dievca is desiring with his work for the Seasons.

Models: Man Ray and Kiki de Montparnasse

When the Brussels-based art magazine Varits was unable to pay a printers’ bill in 1929 it was suggested that they publish an erotic edition to raise working capital; Louis Aragon approached Man Ray for some photographs to include in the volume, and was presented with a sheaf of closely cropped pornographic prints featuring a couple widely assumed to be Kiki Montparnesse and Man Ray himself. The edition was entitled simply 1929, and some 500 copies featuring four of the photos were printed. Most of them were promptly seized by French Customs, but the few copies that got through were soon on sale clandestinely in Paris at greatly inflated prices. (1929, by Benjamin Pret, Aragon and Man Ray is currently published by Alyscamps Press, Paris & London, ISBN 1897722 885).

(click here for the History of the photos via the Tate Modern 2003 article)

Let me explain…

Porn photo

Sad but true…dievca has never watched a Pornography Movie.  she’s seen bits and pieces — never more than 10 minutes.  It’s not her thing.

When dievca had searched for the song “Beautiful Thing”, some staff had directed dievca to a website “Audio Network” — which sells songs and sound clips for websites, advertising, movie effects, etc. (Later on, dievca received the YouTube link for the song from another staff member.)

You still with her?

When dievca bought the song from AudioNetwork.com — she was put on their mailing list.
dievca received a promotional e-mail:

Listen to 18 exciting new albums for you this December.
This includes our featured albums:
Widescreen Scores, A Capella Christmas, The Golden Era of Porn, Monster Drops, John Altman and Girl Riot.

Uhh– The Golden Era of Porn? Really?
Who could resist?

Silly, sexy, cheeky fun.
Give it a click!

Album: The Golden Era of Porn

OMG — in the time it took me to write and post this piece…I just re-clicked on the link above and they changed the name to “The Golden Era of Erotica” — hilarious!

Why is dievca reminded of the music from the movie, “Shaft”?

The music would be fun to have in the background of a 1970’s driven sexy/slutty/risqué lap dance/cock worship session. Hmm~

As for watching the “Porno Chic” classics?
dievca will get Master’s take on whether she will like some of these movies:

What Culture: 5 Golden Era Porno Chic Movies