Happy Halloween from NYC!

We’re ok and saving a Pumpkin

Sad news about the Bike Path in NYC. dievca knows children who use that bike path in that area – but not on Halloween, Thanks Goodness, not on Halloween.

As a “Thank You” to the Halloween Holiday taking the kids away from the bike path — dievca carved one of the Bodega pumpkins with Master after work.
she will use the other for Thanksgiving decorations.

Here’s what we got:

The pumpkin was starting to rot, so the mouth was an attempt at a smirk. It also had a lot of interior ‘gunk’ that came out like spaghetti which made it glow. It’s sitting off the fire escape.
Have a SAFE evening.

Plans for the Evening~

dievca bought the last two large pumpkins at her local bodega. They are a little bit strangely shaped – but it will still be fun carving them with Master. she will have to see if she can find an apron to put over her lingerie.