Taking a dip into the sun~

“How did you get so tan with working long days?”

It doesn’t take me much.
A little sun here, a little sun there
and an hour of being naked on the Terrace for two days took care of my ass


(Do you think Master will appreciate the lack of tan lines on my ass?) Read the rest of this entry »

The Day After~

Did you survive?
Family and Friends?
Food and Drink?
Are you attacking Boxing Day?
dievca isn’t. she’s done.

dievca’s little party went well and Christmas day went well. Thank you very much. But she needed this:

And will spend today lounging around in this:

Sofia Cashmere Top and Pants

Master is planning to stop by for a nap in the Sun.

May your Boxing Day be as uneventful and lazy as dievca’s. XO