Bombshell in lingerie: Mamie van Doren

I truly believe that one of the reasons why I look and feel so well
is because I’ve very few inhibitions.

I don’t care about age.
Life is too short to worry about what other people think. ~Mamie van Doren

It is possible that blondes also prefer gentlemen.
~ Mamie van Doren

Have you snuck off to the beach, yet?

Ava Gardner in a bikini

dievca hasn’t…yet.
If she can get there she would like to take this Clare V. Denim Tote:

Clare V. Giant Tropezienne washed denim bag

dievca regrets to tell you that she no longer looks like Ava — more like this sunbather:


Time to commune with nature.

Hilda and the Frog: Duane Bryers

Air Conditioning can be so artificial.
Time to squeeze into that bikini and be with the natural elements.
You may be hot, but your soul will feel better facing the Sun.


How to beat the heat in NYC – old school

Mayor Hylan turning on the water for the first shower, July 6, 1921. West 47th Street near 8th Avenue, New York City. Photo by International Newsreel.

Enjoying the Croton Surf Under the Fire Department Sprinkler on 85th Street Near Lexington Avenue, August 17, 1920. Fire Department erects sprinkler for kiddies at 85th Street & Lexington Avenue, NYC. Kids enjoy bathing during hot weather. Photo by International Newsreel.

Kids in New York City splash around in a street flooded by fire hydrants, circa 1957. Keystone/Getty Images

Play Street and street shower alongside the Queensboro Bridge, June 22, 1934. Department of Bridges, Plant & Structures Collection, NYC Municipal Archives.

Denis P. Gorman Memorial Playground, Jackson Heights, Queens: Opening ceremonies, children grabbing for melon, August 11, 1934. Department of Parks & Recreation Collection, NYC Municipal Archives.

Kids in Harlem, New York City, cool off in front of a fire hydrant, circa 1966. Harry Benson Getty Images

dievca is ready to run under a fire hydrant sprinkle shower if the FDNY would oblige…

Beach, Heat, Outdoors, Social Distancing~

Susan Hayward and Virginia Dale 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!
Looks like Susan Hayward had the same challenges as dievca with humidity and wild-a** hair!
Enjoy your Day!!

On the Road, Again

dievca is behind the wheel and singing Willy Nelson while heading West.
she is wondering with people avoiding flying, will road trips come into fashion?
Is there a call for the vintage places of interest maps?

(click on the map to purchase a reprint)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Author: General Drafting Company
Date: 1962
Short Title: Trip Planning Map Of The United States
Publisher: General Drafting Co.
Publisher Location: Convent Station, N.J.

The widest State on dievca’s trip is:

It might be worth it to stop and see something!

The energy you expend

has to be regenerated, somehow.

dievca passed out early and hard, woke up late, and is re-energized.

Happy Sunday to you!

Presentation in white with a dark ending: Marie McDonald

Marie McDonald 

Marie was born in Kentucky, the daughter of a former Ziegfeld Girl and granddaughter of opera singer. At the age of 15, Marie became a Powers model and dropped out of school so she could enter beauty pageants, winning the title of “Miss Yonkers” and “The Queen of Coney Island” on the way to becoming “Miss New York” in 1939. Soon after, she moved to Hollywood and became a singer with Tommy Dorsey’s Orchestra, but could only land movie roles in the chorus line or small one-line parts.

Lacking the talent to really make it in Hollywood, she sought attention through scandal.

On top of 7 marriages, she had affairs with two of Elizabeth Taylor’s ex-husbands and even mobster Bugsy Siegel.  In 1957 she got national attention by claiming to have been kidnapped by two men.  Afterwards, her tabloid appearances were numerous, with car accidents, arrests, alcoholism, drug abuse, and ultimately committed to a psychiatric clinic.

After escaping from the clinic, and a wild string of abuse and excess. In 1965, McDonald was found dead at the age of 42 as a result of a drug overdose. Her widower followed.

dievca is now planning to stay away from white lingerie….

What day is it?

dievca spoke to her Mother and Father, yesterday.
That makes today Monday, right?
Apparently not.
Days are blurring.

Sending my ❤ to you!

Graphic: George Petty

Happy Valentine’s Day!
from Your dievča


to make a clean breast of it = avouer la vérité

Some things are lost in translation…

Le Massosein. In: Le Figaro Illustré, Mai 1935.

Le Massosein. In: Le Figaro Illustré, Mai 1935.

Toute femme devrait avoir chez elle Le Massosein.

Toute femme devrait avoir chez elle Le Massosein.

During sex?
After sex?

After Breastfeeding?
A massage?

dievca wonders….

Presentation Outfits…100 Years of Fashion in 2 minutes

dievca was looking to be inspired for Presentation Outfits: she ran into this video and it made her smile and think about options for Master. It seems like the most ‘ladylike’ outfits are from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

The 1910s are too covered and too involved for finding clothing pieces, the 1970s seem like novelty outfits – Disco-oriented, dievca lived the BIG HAIR era of the 1980s (she has a vintage Norma Kamali red satin dress…), the 1990s are back in style – now.

1920s Dress

1930’s Dress

1940’s Red Silk Cocktail Dress Ceil Chapman

CEIL CHAPMAN vintage 1950’s designer Bombshell Cocktail dress silk jersey

1960s Silk Beaded Rhinestone Cocktail Dress Ceil Chapman

Ceil Chapman was an American fashion designer who worked in New York City from the 1940s to the 1960s. She was noted for creating glamorous cocktail and party dresses and for working with celebrity clients including television and movie actresses.

Lovesick = Heartsick = Retail is Tough

Lovesick Corrective Apparel was formed in the spring of 1995, by Andrea Johnson. Andrea’s formal background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design /Open University (1991) and diplomas in Pattern drafting, Construction Techniques and Fashion Design from the Fashion Arts Certificate Program at VCC (1995). Her natural deviance combined with a love and hatred of fashion to create an outlet for ideas born from 1950’s fetish magazines, case histories, and thrift store curiosities.

The site offers sections: Corsets, Restraints, Undergarments, and Gifts.  Corsets can be bought ‘off-the-rack’ or custom made.

Looks very interesting, right?

dievca called the Ontario number on the site – it is disconnected. The last blog information was offered around 2006. The Lingerie Addict cited the website in 2011. Purple Passion NYC is not offering the brand on their website.  It looks like a fun and interesting retail BDSM website is done.  If this isn’t true, please let dievca know.

Romantic Retro – inspired by Batignolles

Jamin Puech Bag
The Batignolles
is a bouquet whose beauty will remain eternal. It brings a touch of elegance and freshness to your style. Decorated with silk flowers each adorned with a brilliant pearl.

Small handbag
Leather strap
Vintage-inspired metal clasp

Also available in Black, Blue, and Tan
490 Euro

Weight: 485 g
Dimensions: 15x15x7 cm
Composition: 50% rayon; 50% cotton


HVN Moon Maria Dress silk

MiuMiu Peep-Toe Pumps with Bow

Princess Seam 1940’s Vintage Coat

18K Gold Plated Cuff

Vintage Bulgari Ear Clips

Chloe Sunglasses 2147

And that is where dievca is going for Master’s future Ladylike looks. Hello HVN!

Hot Times via Weegee

As for Coney Island on weekends, block after block of beach was so jammed with people that it was barely possible to find a space to sit or to put down your book or your hot dog.

As dievca changed her calendar, she stared at the WeeGee Coney Island Photo – amazed and appalled. Too hot, too many people. This after she was lying sprawled on the sofa eating chilled watermelon in the City’s heat and humidity. Now, in the bedroom, the AC is turned on.

People on West 110th Street, where I lived, were a little too bourgeois to sit out on their fire escapes, but around the corner on 111th and farther uptown mattresses were put out as night fell, and whole families lay on those iron balconies in their underwear.

Even through the nights, the pall of heat never broke. With a couple of other kids, I would go across 110th to the Park and walk among the hundreds of people, singles and families, who slept on the grass, next to their big alarm clocks, which set up a mild cacophony of the seconds passing, one clock’s ticks syncopating with another’s. Babies cried in the darkness, men’s deep voices murmured, and a woman let out an occasional high laugh beside the lake. I can recall only white people spread out on the grass; Harlem began above 116th Street then.

(The New Yorker“Before Air-Conditioning” by Arthur Miller, June 22, 1998, p. 144)

Weegee was the pseudonym of Arthur Fellig, a photographer and photojournalist, known for his stark black and white street photography.

A "Thank You" to and 

An expensive Gyro

  • dievca tests out various presentation outfits before connecting with Master. she’s had enough things fall apart when meeting with Him throughout the years.

    This process happens with new “outer” clothes, too.

    Black Crane Coral Classy Dress

    dievca wore this dress while shopping, with:

    Anya Hindmarch Earl Valentine

    Michael Kors Collection Violet Shoes

    Ed Sullivan Theater

    she was starving and bought a lamb gyro. After sitting in the sun, on the fire hydrant in front of the Ed Sullivan Theatre (the Late Show) ummmm, let’s just say that dievca’s new dress worked very well, but it needed a dry cleaning after she dripped red sauce down the front… That said, the Gyro was very good. Almost worth the dry cleaning fee — dievca was that hungry.

  • ~portabicchieri~

    former Tour De France champion Fausto Coppi

    dievca is talented on her bike, but Fausto Coppi will always have her beat!
    Considering he was an amazing Italian Cyclist who loved his espresso…

    dievca spills a good amount of coffee on her rides when she’s not using her travel mugs.
    This good looking Huffy Surfside Cruiser in a parking lot offered a solution.



    Fun Bike, right? $150.00 on Wal-Mart….but its the cup holder that captured dievca’s attention. Something she needs for her bike.

    A quest!


    Have you ever lost a day….or a couple of days because you are continuously moving from one thing to another?  Then you lift your head and breathe…only to realize your autopilot caused you to mix up days?

    I looked back at this week’s blog posts and realized that I was off by a day.

    The Thursday Lingerie post went live on Wednesday, there wasn’t a something useful post for Friday because Saturday’s strappy shoe post was running. Etc.

    No emergency – its a blog.

    But it threw me. What else did I screw up and was it important?
    No one is screaming at me…so I may have escaped chaos.

    (Note: I’m babbling in the next section)

    Why did this happen?

    • I added another octogenarian to the mix and had to revamp a bathroom for their safety.
    • Needed to schedule to get back to my parents for one of the caregiver’s vacation time. Both parent’s had gone into the hospital for pneumonia (at seperate times). My brother needs a break.
    • Summer schedule changes coming up and my co-worker opened a resturant, so the planning and execution of those plans fall on me.
    • I’m considering purchasing a co-op and its a gut renovation – architect, plumber to find the gas lines, the owner passed – nothing really done since 1953…
    • Master was traveling.
    • Doctor’s appointments —  everything seems to be going well internally – body structure and exterior that can use some work.
    • Went through the storage unit to exchange winter goods for summer items. Had to do the resale craziness, again. RealReal, Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill and HousingWorks to the rescue.
    • Organization for Spring events – three happening this upcoming week.

    You know…nothing keeps you in tune like children.  An alarm clock that keeps you on track.  Here’s the rest of the story with the photo above – Life Magazine followed the Life of a 1940’s Housewife from Kankakee, IL….she’s got me beat, by far:

    A Series of Vintage Photos Documented a Day in the Life of a 1940s Housewife

    Funny….I just ordered this dress:

    Black Crane Coral Classy Dress

    The Full Moon is Tickled Pink (today’s moon at end!)

    April’s full moon, also known as a ‘Pink Moon’, sets just before dawn above the towers of the Second Severn Crossing between England and Wales over the Bristol Channel. (Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images)

    What’s unique about April’s full moon? It will reach 100% illumination today, Good Friday. Well-timed for the spring celebrations!

    The Moon won’t actually be colored pink nor be tickled. In recent times each month’s full moon has taken on a common name often originating in Native American culture. April’s full moon has been called the Sprouting Grass Moon and Fish Moon to Hare Moon and Pink Moon, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. However, the Pink Moon refers to the emergence the first wildflowers of Spring, In particular, wild ground phlox, popularly called “moss pink” flowers.
    The full moon occurs occurs at 4:12 a.m. PDT and 7:12 a.m. EDT.

    dievca was back “In the Pink”…feeling a vintage/ retro vibe:

    Don’t forget to shake your wallet at the Pink Moon!

    A "Thank You" to Travel & Leisure website.

    Photo: dievca: Full Pink Moon 04/19/2019 NYC


    Running a bit late this morning~

    dievca had a working dinner last evening in her apartment.  The number of attendees kept growing and good information was shared.

    Monroe at the premiere party for the 1953 film, How to Marry a Millionaire. Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe would start filming River of No Return

    And then the bubbly came out:

    George Best enjoying a drink.

    Let’s just say this morning was sssslllloooowwww…


    Morning after the Night before~

    We are happy to serve you…something useful.

    dievca remembers her Dad getting a “to go” coffee at  various restaurants and they came in a paper cup with greek designs on it.

    The “Anthora” paper cup designed in 1963, features Greek motifs and two shields on which are written “WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU”. Millions of these cups had fed the caffeine addictions of New Yorkers during all those years. The sheer number of them coupled with their forty-year history has given the cup icon status along with the yellow taxis and the Statue of Liberty.

    We weren’t in NYC, but apparently the coffee cups could be found west of I-95…

    Here is a great piece about the design of the cup when the designer, Leslie Buck, passed away in 2010.

    Photo: dievca 01/2019 NYC

    In the photo above, dievca held her ceramic version of the Anthora cup up against a rainy backdrop on Sunday morning. The temperature dropped from 46 F (7.78 C) to 12 F (-11 C) this Monday morning and then lower. Welcome to New York City weather.

    Anyways, as something useful,  the ceramic version of the Anthora cup never fails to make dievca smile – it reminds her of her childhood and, in her submission, she is happy to serve you.

    • They stack well.
    • The cups fit into your hand comfortably.
    • It can be washed in the dishwasher (No, dievca’s dishwasher hasn’t been replaced, yet.)
    • They are microwave safe for reheating your coffee.
    • It’s been about 10 years for dievca’s cups and they are holding up well.
    • Click the photo to purchase

    We (the Royal We) are happy to serve you — XO

    A side note: 

    The paper version of the Anthora cup had sales top out at 500 million cups in 1994. Twelve years later, it was discontinued as a stock item as popular coffee-house franchises began replacing diners as the take-out morning stop for coffee lovers.

    Due to numerous requests from restaurant owners and distributors, Dart Container is bringing back the Anthora cup in 8 oz. and 10 oz. sizes in New York City and some northeastern states. 


    Getting back at it in Style!

    Always trying to look like a Lady.
    dievca is considering her workout in heels~
    she did tell her trainer that her quads held up well in 3.5 inches heels
    and that she plans to wear heels for the next 3 decades…
    You always need a goal!


    And the store in France that received my Euros

    dievca’s friend had great success buying clothes at small clothing store in Bayeux, last year.  Cour Intérieure Bayeux She wanted to return and take a look this year.  The store had pieces all over the place. A colorful chaos presided over by a Shopkeeper who loves her ‘wares.  In direct contrast to that unhappy shopkeeper in Hornfleur.  During the time dievca and her friend tried on the store — two other tourists came in and bought something. One from France and one from Finland.

    The one brand  they had, which dievca cannot find in the US is:

    Yes, the logo is the same as “King Louie America” – a company started in 1937 which does custom workwear.  It looks like the two companies came to a positive and effective sharing of the logo.

    King Louie from the Nederlands runs with a retro-vibe, which fits with dievca’s curvy body type and her look for Master.

    Here are some of the clothing dievca and her friend bought or tried on.  Yes, it’s cheaper to buy the clothes online or in the Nederlands – dievca’s friend has that option, but not dievca, so she spent her Euros.

    About King Louie

    “In 1981, we, Ann Berlips and George Cramer, started our business in Amsterdam. We met in high school and shared an interest in vintage clothing. We quickly found various contacts where we could buy beautiful vintage clothing. Our finds we sold at the Amsterdam Noordermarkt market, and from 1983 also in our first Exota shop in the Jordaan area. In the 1980’s, we introduced the very first product of our own label: a black turtle-neck that in those days was combined with Levi’s 501 jeans. There was so much demand for black turtle-necks, we could not find enough vintage ones. We have always been passionate about developing clothing that makes people happy. Vintage-inspired clothing, we designed the prints ourselves, with bright colours and a good fit. In the 1990’s, we moved our Exota shop to Hartenstraat in the 9-Streets area in the Amsterdam shopping district, and we are still there today. For many years now we are working with lots of nice boutiques; our products are available in the most beautiful shops across Europe. We are very pleased with our partners, and also with the various manufacturers who make our products. We are committed to provide maximum service for our customers and that’s what we and our team get up for every day!”

    Planet Claire and beyond

    As a child, dievca didn’t get to stay up late very often.  she and her Dad had to be out of the house and on the road by 5 am to get to practice by 5:45 am.  That meant an early bed time.

    But for some reason in 1980 dievca snuck out of bed on a Saturday Night and saw this on her parent’s TV:

    Click the link — the video was not available on youtube.

    It was her first introduction to Saturday Night Live.
    (and the B-52’s)
    The show was hosted by Terry Garr and had a Bill Murray SNL classic commercial “Anticipation”.

    dievca was fascinated.

    Why did this trip down memory lane occur?

    dievca ran into this Miu Miu dress and it threw her into a B-52’s swirl, starting with a trip to Planet Claire:

    Click photo to purchase

    Completely “Planet Claire”, right?

    dievca’s envisioning a B-52’s party wearing the dress, Big teased Hair (a beehive) and cat eyes eye-liner.  This could also be a really weird/fun Presentation Outfit for Master. Sassy, bubble gum, retro kinda like this

    Tapping along in my French Knickers! (lingerie)

    Tap pants (USA) or French knickers (UK and Australia)
    are a type of short typically made of lace, silk, or satin.

    The French knicker style evolved from drawers, the baggy long-legged underwear of the Victorian era. “Tap pants” originates from shorts worn by tap dancers during the 1930’s, while practicing their routines.

    Tap Pants/French knickers are worn from the hip and are loose, concealing some of the upper thigh and all the buttocks. The garment features an “open leg” style, a loose-fitting leg opening without elastic. This allows for a more comfortable fit and the straight-cut leg can be designed with or without trimming. The fabric is often cut on the bias to have some give.

    Tap Pants/French knickers are not to be confused with other underpants styles such as hipsters, briefs, bikini bottoms and boyshorts, all of which feature elasticized leg openings and fit snug to the body.

    The bottoms are ideally accompanied by full, flared and A-Line skirts, wide leg trousers and dresses, as they can add bulk and produce a visible panty line (VPL). The item is an elegant, comfortable and healthier alternative to more fitted forms of underwear and luxury fabrics like silk are often used in their production.


    • 1920s and 1930s, Tap Pants/French knickers were very popular
    • 1940s and 1950s, briefs were worn by most women perhaps due to fabric shortages and the scarcity of silk.
    • 1950s and beyond, the fitted underpant was almost universally worn.
    • 1970’s,  there was a return of Tap Pants/French Knickers to fashion with the designs of Janet Reger.
    • 1980’s, French  Knickers were popular as specialty lingerie
    • 1990’s, the designs declined, again, with the younger consumers displayed a greater interest in other underwear styles, such as briefs and thongs.
    • They are still available today, and most often found in vintage reproduction and specialty retailers.

    What Katy Did Tap Pants/French Knickers 2015


    Plug in. (and turn it up)

    There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana, and the Dolce Boombox radio bag proves it with its functional battery-operated speakers. The playful design features a speaker jack on the inside which can easily be attached to your phone. Get ready to blast your favorite music, just like the 1980’s boombox that inspired it. There is an adjustable volume control, while the snake-skin trims add an extra touch of luxury appeal

    • material: Plexiglas®
    • trim: snake-skin
    • internal details: leather lining, hand-held mirror
    • color of fastening: silver
    • detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, top handle
    • turn-lock fastening
    • Made in Italy
    • protective feet
    • comes with dust bag
    • note: three AAA batteries not included
    • detail: internal speaker jack and external volume control
      • Height 14 cm-5.5″
      • Width 19 cm-7.5″
      • Chain length 7.5 cm-3″
      • Min. length shoulder strap 110 cm-43.5″
      • Max. length shoulder strap 125 cm-49″

    Bring your own Presentation Music!

    Going Retro: Block Party

    dievca is having an interesting moment with the “Block Heel” sandals that have been in fashion for the past two years.
    It’s a love/hate relationship.
    she hated seeing the 1960’s ones on her aunts as they got older and didn’t update their closets in the 1980’s.
    It reminded her of a fashion “no”.
    Especially the white leather/pleather ones worn at weddings.


    But now, they are back and the 1960’s version doesn’t look too bad, really.

    dievca loves the pair of sandals she picked up, last summer:

    See by Chloe block-heel sandal Red

    and these, this summer:

    Firth two piece black leather sandals

    They are very comfortable and dievca can walk the City.
    Maybe her Aunts were on to something when they couldn’t let the shoes go~

    Time to wear the sandals to a Block Party!

    Top advert from ShopBop.

    An 80’s Girl…

    This bag makes dievca so happy…
    Like…Oh, my God!

    Sarah’s Bag is renowned for its eclectic designs, and this retro-inspired Walkman box clutch is a fine example of the covetable aesthetic. It’s crafted from postbox-red wood with a painted brass handle and leather lining, and printed with a cassette player design depicted in primary hues – note the nostalgic ‘mix tape’ lettering scrawled across it. Use it to bring a touch of fun to sleek separates.

    Small submissive delights~

    Amsterdam pocket tin

    dievca doesn’t smoke, but…
    Hair pins, pills, mints, hair ties, safety pins, coins, etc.

    To store something in a fun tin can make your day.
    The Amsterdam Tin Pocket Box.
    Plus, the Lady wears a Corset and Collar.
    On sale for $2.99.
    If this is too sassy there are other styles of tins available.
    Construction is an exact replica of a 1920’s cigarette case.
    0.75″h x 4.25″w x 3″d