Oh, Sh*t! Mercury in Retrograde

dievca is in a panic.
Master and dievca have trouble communicating
in the best astrology scenario.
Mercury in Retrograde?
Oh, Shit!
Retrograde motion is an APPARENT change in the movement of the planet through the sky. It is not REAL in that the planet does not physically start moving backwards in its orbit. It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun.

Because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel — when the planet goes retrograde — all those things go backwards.
They start to get ugly and tangle up.

Mercury Retrograde in 2017
April 9 – May 3
August 12 – September 5
December 3 – December 22

Buzzfeed, Nasa StarChild

7 Things to Avoid During Mercury Retrograde

1. Traveling—Expect last-minute flight cancellations, postponement and long delays. Allow extra time when traveling; make sure your bags are secure, re-confirm your reservations.

2. Repairing your car—If you can hold off – do it.

3. Purchasing computers or phones
—One word: Lemon.

4. Accepting or starting a job— During Mercury retrograde, things may not be as they seem. You might have thought you accepted one thing and actually got into another. Messy.

5. Scheduling meetings— Confusion, mistakes and cancellations will occur, try to schedule things after the retrograde.

6. Initiating new projects— People may either not understand it or oppose it.  You may find out later that you left out a vitally important detail that you didn’t think of. If your project is adopted, it may either fail or have to be totally restructured later to succeed.

7. Making agreements—Negotiating contracts, agreements or signing any legal documents—be mindful of whatever you put into writing, because it may need serious revision when Mercury goes direct. You may miss something in the details.

Again, the best advice! wait until Mercury goes direct…

Huffington Post (modified by dievca)

And if you cannot wait on the above,
you can always wear this sweater to explain what happened:

Lingua Franca: Mercury Was In Retrograde (click photo to purchase)