Fashion in Amsterdam – Rijksmuseum Fashion Collection

Bad timing:

dievca missed the exhibition of Hieronymus Bosch “Jheronimus Bosch will be coming home. Dozens of renowned works by the master from ‘s-Hertogenbosch will return to the city they were created 500 years ago.” 


The Garden of Earthly Delights: Jheironymous Bosch

But, Master caught it at the Museo del Prado, Madrid and enjoyed the offerings.

Instead, dievca flew in to Schipol – took the train to Amsterdam Central and walked to the Rijksmuseum to see their offerings in FASHION. Something she didn’t mind doing, at all.

The Rijksmusem has a rich fashion collection from 1700 through the 1960’s. All of the garments have come from the wardrobes of upper-class Dutch men and women, but they were not necessarily made in the Netherlands. Foreign fashion houses and fabrics from all the leading textile-manufacturing countries around the world are represented.


Please forgive dievca for the jumble of Eras and Styles. she had photos of some of the placards describing the items, but they got jumbled on her phone.  The photo of the current model in the vintage dress by composite is amazing , as is the mini-dress (both at the bottom of the post). dievca found that the various fabric textures, applique beading and exquisite detailing was overwhelming after a 7+ hour flight. her mind was boggled, so it was just fun to wander and absorb the fashion through her pores.

dievca suggests that you might want to wander with her. XO





Breitner’s Girl in Kimono series: Elegance in Presentation

dievca had plans to see a certain Art Exhibition in ‘s-Hertogenbosch this Spring. Scheduling got in the way and she missed the exhibition.  Instead, dievca made her way to the Rijksmuseum for another Art Installation and ran into a few unexpected surprises.

One surprise was:

All of George Hendrik Breitner’s versions of
Girl in a Kimono
together for the first time

The countless versions of a girl in a kimono, which is considered an icon of Japonism, emerged between 1893 and 1896. Young model Geesje Kwak posed for almost all of his paintings, being immortalised in the process. Based on new research, the exhibition displays the full series of 14 paintings for the first time, including a hitherto unknown ‘Girl in a Red Kimono’ from a private collection. Besides the paintings, there are also drawings, sketches and photographs used by the artist in preparation.

dievca was entranced! How elegant, sultry, beautiful. How simple to present:

dievca may not be able to afford to buy a real Kimono — but the effect (a poor 2nd) could be reproduced for Master in an elegant way with a Silk Robe. So, dievca went digging in her closet and here’s what she found to Present in:

H and M Green with black beading Kimono

H&M Green with black beading Kimono

Only Hearts Silk Floral Robe and bottoms.

Only Hearts Silk Floral Robe and bralette/bottoms.

Oscar de la Renta Red Satin Robe

Oscar de la Renta Red Satin Robe

All three robes have a different look or feel — but they should be fun to work with in developing Presentation Outfits. What is in your closet for presenting to your Sir or Madame?

(Photo Gallery: dievca Rijksmuseum May 2016)


At the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam there is a gorgeous installation of flower lights that drop and open — softer petals. I have photos, but the videos are a better look.
(dievca’s photos down below) XO

Bored Panda: Silk Flower Light Kinetic Sculpture Shylight Studio Rijksmuseum

The video of making the art is fabulous.

Vidoes: "Better Late Than Pregnant".
Photos: dievca 2016 Amsterdam Rijksmuseum