Odalisque Silver Ring: Mondo Mondo

An Odalisque by Francisco Masriera y Manovens

W. S. Gilbert refers to the “Grace of an odalisque on a divan” in Colonel Calverley’s song “If You Want A Receipt For That Popular Mystery” from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Patience.

In popular use, the word odalisque also may refer to a mistress, concubine or paramour of a wealthy man.

During the 19th century, odalisques became common fantasy figures in the artistic movement known as Orientalism, being featured in many erotic paintings from that era.

By the later 19th century, Turkish writers such as Melek Hanum used the word odalisque to refer to slave-concubines when writing in English:

If any lady possesses a pretty-looking slave, the fact soon gets known. The gentlemen who wish to buy an odalisque or a wife, make their offers. Many Turks, indeed, prefer to take a slave as a wife, as, in such case, there is no need to dread fathers, mothers, or brothers-in-law, and other undesirable relations

Odalisque sculptural ring from Mondo Mondo. Polished silver. Arc motif with attached loop. Small engraved logo at inside band.
• Sterling Silver
• Made in USA

Founded by Natasha Ghosn is 2012, Mondo Mondo is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand featuring handmade pieces that reflect Ghosn’s playful, surrealist view of the world.

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The Ring of O is a specially designed ring which has been worn as a distinctive mark among BDSM practitioners, mainly in continental Europe — and especially the German-speaking countries — since the 1990s. Its use is relatively widespread within this subculture. Its name derives from the name of the central female character in the classic BDSM novel Story of O (written by Pauline Réage), who was a sex slave and wore an analogous ring.

A.L.C. Bondage for your hand.

A.L.C. (Andrea Lieberman Collection) Bondage Ring

We, who lean towards a BDSM lifestyle don’t always get to shout our relationship type to the world. For the past three years fashion has opened up its doors to beautiful design which hints at our lifestyle. Correction!  Hermes has always had jewelry designs that would apply to the BDSM vernacular. But it is so nice to have more choices that are beautiful, classy and less expensive, rather than tawdry and raunchy.

Master, please Bind Me with the Ring of O in brass.


Winter is coming, dievca is a little fascinated. Shearling Locking Collar

Shearling Locking Collar

Lambskin Collar with Lock and a Ring of O

You can’t get too much winter in the winter. Robert Frost

dievca is fascinated by this Lambskin Shearling Collar.

Master has cuffs lined in sheepskin, but this furry creation brings a smile to dievca’s face and a fuzzy feeling to her heart.

dievca’s imagination creates a cozy fantasy where she is wearing a cashmere tank and shorts plus the furry collar. She is sitting at Master’s knee reading a book, it is snowing outside.  Master is stroking dievca’s hair as he is reading on his ipad.  Quietness prevails and after awhile dievca gets up to serve Master and herself some coffee and danishes .

Very simple and comfortable.