A Gentle Whisper.

Something Very Feminine~

Czech Cut Glass Cordials

dievca planned the dinner for Master to be very Masculine and traditional:  Garlic Prime Rib served with Asiago/Sage Scalloped Potatoes and fresh Asparagus.  A well-balanced 2007 Corison Napa Valley Cabernet, the wine had lush plum and cranberry notes wrapped in dusty cloves and chocolate enhanced with subtle hints of charred eggplant and minerals.

To finish the meal, dievca served something more feminine in the form of dark chocolate with sea salt and chilled homemade Blackberry Brandy. dievca’s lovely Czech cordial glasses reflected the candlelight. A warm glow was created from the brandy which softened dievca’s body as she sat at her Master’s feet.  Master held deivca’s hand and spoke of the day, life and the future.

Sometimes D/s is a gentle whisper of plans, hopes and dreams while watching the snow fall.

Snowfall with Star