The Things You Find – Harry Potter BDSM

Harry Potter Graphic
Via – Harry Potter words describing BDSM actions seems to be thriving in Colorado (2018) as a kind of code for BDSM to be brought up in conversation:

Muggles – People who have tame non-kinky sex (Vanilla)

Wizards – Dominants

witches – submissives

Wand – Sex Toy

Azkaban – Sex Dungeon

Aguamenti – When you’re super wet.

Gillyweed – When you go down on someone for a long time and need that extra lung capacity.

Death Eater – A rimjob.

Longbottom – Ass play.

Unicorns – Swingers or a bi-girl who is down for threesomes.

The Dark Mark – A spanking.

Ravenclaw – Mindfuck play.

Scourgify – Commanding a sub to clean up after sex.

Following that theme – we can bring in some BDSM objects to show your Harry Potter House Loyalties:

Harry Potter Colors

For Rope Bondage:

Harry Potter Bondage Rope Colors

For Discipline – Leather Floggers:

Harry Potter House Long Flogger

Time to breakout your Harry Potter Lingerie!

Don’t forget to wear Green!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

A daily reminder of loveliness~

If your BDSM dynamic runs toward bondage with ropes or Shibari.
Some lovely drawer pulls might float you back into elegance, everyday.

Anthropologie Knotted Rope Handle

Shibari handle and pull,
from Anthropologie (click on the first photo).

Anthropologie Knotted Rope Pull

Shibari Lingerie

Fred Kyrel Fashion Shibari
(click photo for website)

Fred Kyrel – Fashion Shibari

For those Sirs and Madams with patience.


Sail Away~

When you think about sailing away on a Monday morning…

Do you choose a sailboat?

A cruise liner?

Tricolour Cruise Liner Bag

Moulded ‘pebble grain’ leather duffel bag color-blocked in red, off-white, and navy. Twin carry handles. Detachable leather charm at handle base. Logo stamp in gold-tone at face. Zip closure. Signature tricolor textile lining. Gold-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 18″ length x 5.5″ height x 6″ width. Leather. Made in Italy

Or a starship?

Showing the Ropes for Thanksgiving!


Violet Lee’s Flickr