It was a week…+SantaCon…

20171203_221430.jpg Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

Something dievca avoids~Santa Pub Crawl

George Grubb Santa Pub Crawl NYC 2012

George Grubb Santa Pub Crawl NYC 2012

More photos:  George Grubb: Santa Pub Crawl NYC 2012

SantaCon — it happened on December 12, 2015, last Saturday.   dievca missed it (avoided it). Thank Goodness.

People pour into Brooklyn and Manhattan from NJ and Long Island dressed wearing Santa, Elf,  and Winter Fairy gear to just get drunk…. and as of 3:00 pm on that Saturday – police had no reports of arrests (that is good!). Not sure what happened after 3:00 pm~

God, sometimes dievca feels so old….sigh.

On the other hand, she could be persuaded to dress up as a Winter Fairy for Master. Hmmm~