If I’m up, everyone is up!

Calvin Saturday

Saturday Night! (and I only want to be with You)

dievca has a friend who is a Bay City Rollers aficionado —
this song applies to dievca’s plans for this evening!

Honestly, its so bad, its good.
dievca hopes your evening is rockin’ , too!

(If you let it roll. the vdeo following is another Bay City Rollers favorite – “I only want to be with You”)

Workout, Work, PT


dievca is on the MOVE this morning – are you?

Good Morning!

A bit crabby this morning…


Hope your day is better than dievca’s.

Still working on a Saturday

Sometimes you need MJ and Soul Train to get you going in the morning!

Masked and ready

dievca’s schedule has shifted and at this moment she is back to work on Saturdays – masked and ready.
Here’s hoping that others are masked and regaining employment, too.
Thinking of everyone with positive wishes.

Comic: Gary Varvel 2020

When you work on Saturdays

Anouki Areshidze wearing knit saying “Don’t kill my vibe”, during Paris Fashion Week S/S 2019 on Sep 09/26/18 (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images – cropped)

20 minute back resetting flow
Yogurt with berries
Bundle up like an Eskimo
Bike into work
Ready to go

I am pounding through the day.

Springtime in the Central Park

The daffodils have blossomed, trees are showing leaves — the temperature is predicted to be around 70 F (21 C), Master and dievca are planning on a picnic!

Time to pull out that Hunter x Target backpack!

dievca keeps singing: