What’s your vibe?

quivershaketrembleshivershudderthrobpulsaterattle, rockwobble, oscillatewaverswingsway, move to and fro, judder

81% of women and 91% of men who have used a vibrator have done so with a partner. (1)

Enhancing sex and foreplay with a vibrator brings in a whole new level of excitement and pleasure, but like there are many different people in the World, there are many different ways to “vibe”.

Note: the ideas below are written for heterosexual couples, but many apply to same sex couples as well. The products are from “JimmyJane” a line which dievca has found to be very stable, clean-lined, hardworking and elegant.


Tingly Touches – An erotic massage is a delicious way to start an intimate evening. Light a Natural Massage Oil Candle, slip HELLO TOUCH over your fingertips, and explore your partner’s body with vibration. Or get more adventurous with E-stim – electric sensation from HELLO TOUCH X.

Watch and Learn – According to a Men’s Health survey, 80% of women want their partner to watch them masturbate. “The fact that she’s turning you on while bringing herself to orgasm makes her feel incredibly sexy,” says sex therapist, Sandor Gardos. dievca knows that Master loves to watch her masturbate, she has used  the LITTLE CHROMA, her hands and the FORM 2.

Backwards Hug – With the woman in front in a spoon position (lying or sitting), her partner in back can encircle her with his arms go fondle her breasts, vagina, and anywhere else that feels good. She can simultaneously stimulate herself with a clitoral vibrator, such as FORM 2.

Get Handy (for Him) – Adding some vibration to a hand job can multiply his pleasure. Place HELLO TOUCH on your mid-fingers and place your hand so that the two vibrators contact and rub against the sensitive underside of his shaft, just beneath the head. Alternatively, using a male masturbator like FORM 5 to stimulate the sensitive underside of his penis and frenulum (the ridge that runs up the shaft)

Get Handy (for Her) – He can use HELLO TOUCH to improve his handy work. Place the vibrating pods on the back of the fingertips. This vibrates the fingers themselves, which in turn can touch and stimulate her vulva and clitoris.  Or add  the excitement of E-stim with HELLO TOUCH X.  Or insert a finger (or two) wearing the Pleasure Pod of choice to stimulate her G-spot.

Oral Report – A vibrator can enhance oral sex in a number of ways for both men and women. FORM 3 is perfectly shaped to cup his testicles during a blowjob. Use a powerful vibrator, like FORM 4, under the chin to add vibration to oral sex. He can insert FORM 6, FORM 4 or LITTLE CHROMA a few inches inside her vagina while stimulating her clitoris with his tongue or mouth.


Missionary (Man on Top)FORM 3 is one of the few vibrators thin enough to fit between two bodies in this position. Rest it on your pubic bone so your hands free to explore your partner. If you can fit your hand under your partner, you can use HELLO TOUCH to stimulate yourself during sex.

Missionary (Woman on Top) – When you’re on top, there’s more leeway for clitoral stimulation. FORM 4 has an oversized motor right at the top. Rest this on his pubic bone so you can grind your clitoris against it during sex.

Doggie Style – When he’s behind you, there’s plenty of room open in front to bring in some vibration. A longer shape, like FORM 6 or MAGIC WAND, makes it easy for him to reach around and stimulate your clitoris or vulva.

Reverse Cowgirl – With woman on top facing your partner’s legs, there is plenty of room for vibrator stimulation. He can reach around with FORM 6 or MAGIC WAND, or you can lay back and stimulate yourself with a small clitoral vibrator like FORM 2. He can also try lifting one knee, so you have something to grind against. Or try FORM 5 for simultaneous labial and clitoral stimulation.

Get Creative – There is no end to the ways in which a vibrator can be incorporated into sex.

The anus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings and can be an erogenous zone, which can make anal intercourse pleasurable if performed properly. The pudendal nerve that branches to supply the external anal sphincter also branches to the dorsal nerve of clitoris and the dorsal nerve of penis.

An insertable vibrator like FORM 6 can be a great introduction to anal sex or double penetration. HELLO TOUCH can be used to stimulate nipples during foreplay or intercourse. Play around and, in the words of the 60’s bumper sticker, “If it feels good, do it.”

1 Research by Indiana University published in 2011 issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine



I want to breathe your neck slowly.
Let me whisper things in your ear,
that you’ll remember when you’re not with me.
I want to undress you with kisses slowly.
Sign the walls of your labyrinth
and turn your body into a manuscript.

I want to see your hair dance, I want to be your rhythm
I want you to show my mouth your favorite places.
Let me surpass your danger zone,
until it makes you scream
and makes you forget your last name.

English translation of Despacito chorus from the Huffington Post
Song of the Summer 2017

Would you like some “sugar” to start your Monday?

“Baked to get a rise!”

Naughty Cookie Box Etsy


Looking forward to Summer…

A little vanilla and chocolate baking humor…

Where would you bite, 1st?



“Pop Rocks”

“Orange Crush”

Marilyn Minter:
Decades’ worth of her work is on display at The Brooklyn Museum until May 7th, in an exhibition called “Pretty/Dirty.” There you’ll find portraits she took of her mother ― a glamorous addict who embodied the paradoxes that Minter has come to represent. You’ll find videos of tongues brushing against some kind of goopy green product, commentary on consumption in all its forms. (Huffington Post)

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Caught doing taxes…

jason-decaires-taylor-typewriterYou have been working like crazy. Pushing through to reach the deadline in Your head.  I’ve heard from You via e-mail, text and phone calls – but that doesn’t create the intimacy and release we both seek.

You want, need, deserve to be served. You are my Dom.
I want to serve, need to be allowed to serve.

But, you caught me by surprise.
In jeans and curls, picking up dropped receipts on the apartment floor, doing my taxes.

No planned opportunity to serve. No presentation outfit.

But that wasn’t what you wanted.
I understood.

After a searing kiss – You tried to back-off.
All very lovely…but…
I know You wanted it hard, pounding and now.
Eye to Eye.
Breath to Breath.


The neighbors know Your name, they know You are my MASTER.
I screamed it multiple times through multiple orgasms.
I don’t know who went to heaven 1st, but the other person came with them.


Let Your dievca odalisque for a few moments and then she’ll make You coffee.

Museum of Sex – not quite what was expected.

dievca and Master have tried to change it up on dates.  The Ranger’s Game, Chinatown wandering and, now, the Museum of Sex.

We expected tackiness and Master had read at one point the Museum was to close down, but it seems like they raised the prices ($17.50 online, $19.50 offline for tickets) to keep the Museum in its space.

Location:  dievca was to meet Master in the front of the Museum at 3:00 pm and she kept looking up the address on Google.  Google wouldn’t keep a history of the name/address, so she had to keep typing it in.
233 Fifth Avenue at the corner of East 27th Street in Manhattan

dievca waited on the Street Corner for Master in her vintage Leopard Coat, triple XXX Agnes b. dress and thigh-hi patent leather boots. An homage to their experience.


Master had come from working and was in a button down shirt, brown corduroys, Brooks Brothers Cashmere coat and NO GLASSES! His eyes were settling from cataract surgery.

After bypassing the Toy store in the front of the Museum space, dievca and Master entered the Disco! Night Fever: New York Disco 1977–1979, The Bill Bernstein Photographs

GG's Barnum Room - Ava 1979 Bill Berstein

GG’s Barnum Room – Ava 1979 Bill Berstein

The space was an immersive experiences with a lounge set-up, photographs on the wall, disco soundtracks and full bar. Master had a flashback of driving a taxi in the City, picking up fares at the Clubs. The bathrooms had frosted sink windows, a non-functional “two-way” mirror at the toilet and hand holds for sex on the walls. Plus, a beefy bouncer on site.


OK-kinda fun and listening to Master’s flashback of Memories. Cool.

agnes-b-numeric-vian-dress-close-upUp the stair we went and the first show: OBJECTXXX: SELECTED ARTIFACTS FROM THE MUSEUM OF SEX ARCHIVE. It was a messy, scattered collection of “erotic” pieces dumped together with no real rhyme or reason. For an extra $3.00 you could hop into the Bouncy Boobies room. Not something that was even considered with Master’s recent surgeries.

Robert Johnson - Pixable

Robert Johnson – Pixable

dievca’s thought was “Oh, shit – this is going to be tedious.”

20170217_151344_resized 20170217_151355_resized 20170217_151102_resized20170217_151242_resized 20170217_151140_resized

dievca and Master continued on to the The Sex Lives of Animals. An exhibit trying to show the uncensored story of various animal mating and life practices. Some interesting information was offered, but dievca felt it was something that could be looked up on the internet. A better exhibition than the floor below, but not stellar.

Things are getting more interesting.

dievca has never watched a Pornography Movie — she’s watched the elegant Blow Job videos as a tutorial, early in her relationship with Master.  But, “Debbie Does Dallas” or “Deep Throat” ? Nah.

The next gallery was  about Pornography in photos, and film: HARDCORE: A CENTURY & A HALF OF OBSCENE IMAGERY

20170217_153303_resized 20170217_152722_resized

The layout was much more comprehensive and took you though the development of photos/postcards showing French prostitutes with their striped stockings up to the mainstreaming of pornography with “Deep Throat” in 1972.  The point being that pornography was alive and well throughout the Centuries, not just a recent development with DVD’s and online activities.

Aha! the last exhibition, I think we hit the jackpot!

Known/Unknown: Private Obsession and Hidden Desire in Outsider Art


Outsider Artists:

The art in Known/Unknown is a long way from the typical art world. Many of the artists in the exhibit are self-taught, with little formal education, and range from institutionalized mental patients, to intellectually disabled people, to untutored isolates and eccentrics. Their pieces were often created in seemingly unlikely places; ranging from the sanctuary of psychiatric hospitals to private realms hidden within the lonely, impersonal jungles of teeming cities.

The exhibition offered glimpses into people’s minds and hearts from their private viewpoints of erotica and sex.  Secrecy and isolation fueled a unique creativity.

Master and dievca enjoyed this exhibition very much.  The room was empty, almost if it was too much for people to handle.  The work was evocative.


dievca’s favorite piece/collection was from a Milwaukee, WI “outsider artist”, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.  His erotic photographs of his wife Marie are stylistic reminiscent of the 1940’s black and white pin-ups.  They convey the love and playfulness between the photographer and his muse that is titillating and profound.


Now this last offering made the trip worthwhile!


The warm Spring weather is enticing…


Master wanted to put it to good use.

Clitorial Delights


Fillod’s sculpture: 3D printed clitoris will be used in sex education lessons from primary level onwards in France. Photograph from the Marie Docher Company Handout

10 facts about the clitoris:

  1. The clitoris is 7 to 12cm long (2.75 to 4.75 inches) Most of the clitoris is hidden. “There lies another 7 to 12cm long bulge behind that little button, which runs along the vaginal canal,” says Dr. Sadie Allison.
  2. Only one-quarter of the clitoris is visible. The clitoris is made up of many different parts, including the clitoral head, the hood the clitoral shaft, the urethral sponge, erectile tissue, glands, vestibular bulbs and the crura (or the clitoral legs). Only the clitoral head and the hood are located outside the body.
  3. Women get erections. The clitoris is made of the same fabric as the penis. The clitoris has a glans, a foreskin (also known as the hood), erectile tissue and a teeny-tiny shaft. “When a woman becomes aroused there flows more blood so it can swell,” says Allison.
  4. The clitoris is very sensitive. There are about 8,000 nerve endings in that tiny piece of flesh. A Penis has about 4,000. Which is why men should be careful with the clit button.
  5. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation for an orgasm. There are nerve endings in the vagina walls, but this number can not be compared with what can be found in the clitoris.
  6. A woman can have an orgasm multiple times. The clitoris is very sensitive after an orgasm, but it keeps it’s blood flow so it is not long before another orgasm can be developed.
  7. Each clitoris is a different color. Colors varies from light pink to almost black, unique to your Lover. Also, some are small, some are big, some are hidden and some protrude.
  8. A clitoris continues to grow throughout a Woman’s life. When a woman enters menopause, her clit can be 2.5 times larger than when she was a teenager. A clitoris works forever.
  9. It’s only there for Sexual Pleasure. The clitoris is the only part of the body designed solely for pleasure, nothing else.
  10. Every Female Mammal has a clitoris.

Thank you to getaddicted.net, alternet.org and theguardian.com

OK. dievca is inspired to play with her lovely body part — see ya!

バック(bakku) “back”

black-and-white-cropped -Favim.com-what came before
what comes after

doesn’t matter

it’s the now
in focus

back up, move

hit the top
slide away
and stretch

hit top
slide away
and stretch

slide away
and stretch

and stretch



a butterfly touch to the clit
and the World EXPLODES

Sex in the Summer

Summer LakeMonday will be the first day of Summer
and the question which came to mind as dievca rode her bike to work,
“Do people have more sex during the summer?”

“Do Spring Flings,
Summer Lovin’,
Long Hot Summer Evenings and lack of clothing promote sex?”

Dr. Janice Epp, former Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, offered her take:

“There isn’t any research that there’s any difference,” Epp said of the seasons.

“What might be so New York might not be so in Miami. [But] it used to be that thousands and thousands of years ago, when we were primarily agricultural and living off the land in prehistoric times, obviously weather affected peoples’ sexuality.”

How so?

“People living in climates with very little sunlight, what did people have to do? They could sit around the campfire and tell stories, or they could go into their tent and have sex.”

close up of couples legs wearing pyjamas

Studies have indicated that there’s a peak in human sexual activity right around Christmas, as well as a lesser upswing during the summer vacation. These shifts might be more likely due to psychological stimuli, not physiological ones. Event-based rather than seasonal. For instance, one statistic showed the trend between winter holiday hookups and students celebrating the end of their school terms, which included a higher likelihood of people engaging in unprotected sex during that time period. In the U.S., most babies are conceived from November to January.

From the same source (the Daily Beast), this trend was noted:

“Nearly twice as many people have turned down offers of sex because the temperature was too high than have turned down offers of sex because the temperature was too low.”

But then we run into this:

sandy-hipsA separate study, conducted by Nicolas Guéguen and his team of scientists at the University of South Brittany in France, supported this idea of heightened flirting during the summer.

According to Taylor and Francis, on Science Daily, “It was found that women were more receptive to being approached and flirted with – and giving out their phone numbers – on sunny days: over a fifth – 22.4 percent – of women did so when the sun was out, as opposed to 13.9 percent on the cloudy days.”

Or this: 

According to Daily Mail, statistics show there may, in fact, be a clear-cut “mating season” – or a time of the year when sex (however casual) is most prominent.

Using a survey that gauged which month subjects reported to be their most sexually active, August (the peak of the summer) was the most common.

Interestingly enough, while February is the month containing the most “romantic holiday” of the calendar year, it also was reported as the least “sexually active” month on the calendar.

What a MESS: 

maybe J. Bryan Lowder from Slate says it best:

It depends. The most concrete measure of rates of sexual activity is the seasonal pattern of birth rates. As it turns out, the numbers depend on where in the world you live. According to one literature review (PDF), in southern and tropical climates, births tend to decrease in the spring, indicating that conception was less common during the previous summer. Researchers postulate that deterioration of sperm quality during the hot summer months may depress fertilization success. Other research shows a decrease in testosterone levels—and therefore possibly sexual desire—in men during the same period. People living in cooler northern climes demonstrate the opposite pattern, with peak birth rates occurring in the spring—nine months after summertime.

So, to answer dievca’s question,
summer lovin’ is not necessarily a thing.

Though sexual patterns may vary, a season-conception correlation be demonstrated with births. (wink, wink)

Thank you to Victoria Bekiempis from the VILLAGE VOICE and Dan Scotti from ELITE DAILY prompting these musings.

Assume a New (Sex) Position

Maybe some ideas to develop with your BDSM, Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism in mind.

Or just good Vanilla Sex ideas:

Women’s Health Magazine: The Best Sex Positions Ever

Whatever works best for you and yours. XO

A Gentle Peace and Ecstasy


An unexpected interlude from two viewpoints:

For me: Handsomeness
For You: Beauty
For me: 20+
For You: One
For me: Peace
For You: Ecstasy

For Us: Love

Writing a Sex Menu and Calories

chocolate on lipsdievca ran into an article talking about writing a Sex Menu that you send to potential dates (OK Cupid, Match.com, etc.) It’s supposed to take the awkwardness away from discussing your likes and dislikes in regards to sex before meeting and spark a discussion. she found it a very interesting concept and wonders if people are really doing it….

But considering dievca has never been on an e-dating site other than FetLife (does that count?) she hasn’t seen anything like it.
Maybe this type of menu would be good for BDSM matches to consider?

Have you seen anything like it?
For Example:

Things I Love Things I Don’t Love Things I’m Curious About
Cock Worship* Golden Showers Dungeon Furniture
Restraints* Intense Pain Sensation Play
D/s Needles 24/7
Anal Sex* Severe Humiliation Electro-Play
Cunnilingus* Scat Play Voyuerism
Touching/Holding Nose Torture Wax Play
Role Play* Knife Play Figging
Serving* Fisting Erotic Sexual Denial
Vanilla Sex* Nyotaimori
Erotic Spanking*

Refinery 29: The Rise Of ‘Sex Menus’: Cataloguing Your Kinks

Calorie count laws are a type of law that require restaurant chains of fifteen or more to publish detailed food energy and nutritional information on the food served, in a font equal to or larger than the size of the name of the item. The law was first enacted in 2009, in the state of New York.

Restaurants that do not comply can be fined up to $2,000. (Wiki)

Sexual Calorie counter

Elegant Spermatozoon: Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon

Spermatozoon: an elegant line, design and shape.
Something Betony Vernon has incorporated into her World.
Sperm + Egg = Life


Betony designed the Geisha Hairpin Kit for individuals like herself who believe that gorgeous tresses should be governed with equally beautiful and functional tools. The Geisha Hairpin Kit will secure most hair in a perfect chignon. It may also be used to sustain and embellish more elaborate coiffures. Worn as a set the Geisha Hairpins create an elegant “pierced” effect.

Materials: Sterling Silver (925)

Weight: Silver 54 gr / 1.9 oz


Large sterling silver sphere ø 21 mm

Six small sterling silver spheres ø 9 mm

2 035,00 €

Price includes Import Duties/VAT.

Sperm Ring

This Sperm Ring is a celebration of sexual vitality. Did you know that when healthy spermatozoids leave the body via ejaculation, they all travel in the same direction at an average speed of 45 miles per hour? How to wear it: Carefully bend the ring to contour your finger. You can wear it on your thumb as well as in your pinky but better avoid changing its size repeatedly as it may harm its sleek, sinuous forms.

Note: How to Properly Adorn: Carefully bend each ring to contour your finger. Avoid changing their sizes repeatedly as it may harm their sleek, sinuous forms. The sperm rings can also be worn individually or stacked in twos, threes or more. (See Sperm Race)

1 443,00 € for a 18K Gold Sperm Ring

CBS News: 15 Crazy Things You Should Know About Sperm

Ummm-may we?

It has been a tough couple of weeks.
May Your submissive ask for an all-day, pounding sex,
lazing-about-in-bed day?
8 hours of nothing and everything?

Photograph: © Ondrea Barbe/Corbis PR

“Food Porn”


The term appears to have been coined by the feminist critic Rosalind Coward in her 1984 book Female Desire. She writes:

“Cooking food and presenting it beautifully is an act of servitude. It is a way of expressing affection through a gift… That we should aspire to produce perfectly finished and presented food is a symbol of a willing and enjoyable participation in servicing others. Food pornography exactly sustains these meanings relating to the preparation of food. The kinds of picture used always repress the process of production of a meal. They are always beautifully lit, often touched up.” (p. 103)

Food and sexuality have been associated in various ways throughout history. Foods such as chocolates and oysters are considered to be aphrodisiacs.  Some food items provide symbolism in stories, such as pomegranate seeds, the cherry and the apple. Food can be metaphorically used in slang, sexual terminology and poetry. Some foods are considered sensual for their appearance, texture and taste.

Yes, it is no secret food and sex often go hand-in-hand and one Canadian restaurant guide has decided to make it much more visually explicit.

Le Guide Restos Voir, a restaurant review site for Quebec as well as Ottawa, has decided to celebrate their 18th birthday with pornography.

Food pornography, to be specific.

Working with public relations company Publicis and photographers Leda & St. Jacques, the restaurant guide has put out an advertising campaign that transformed some common menu items into sexual body parts. Risque Canadian Food Ad Butt Cheeks Risque Canadian Food Ad Oyster Pussy with Sprouts Risque Canadian Food Ad Cantalope Breasts with Nipple Ring Risque Canadian Food Ad Root Ass Risque Canadian Food Ad Steak cock and balls

dievca is a little bit hungry for more than food, right now….