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Uncommon Goods Sharkbite Stapler $145.00

Uncommon Goods Sharkbite Pewter Stapler $145.00

Uncommon Goods Sharkbite Staple Remover $78.00

Uncommon Goods Sharkbite Pewter Staple Remover $78.00

As an artist, Jac Zagoory revels in the rare and unique, creating desktop accessories with a new dimension of form and grace. Educated in jewelry design and fabrication at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Zagoory found early inspiration as a metal sculptor applying essential elements of design to his creations. After spending a year in the Far East and Europe, he began his “cylindrical obsession” with pens.

Realizing the growing need for desk accessories that not only created order but also highlighted the individual, the artist began designing an extensive assortment of desk accessories that exist as art in and of themselves. With his vision, the office, the home and the desk have become places where great beauty melds with function.