Sticky and Wet

20210702_131229With the humidity in NYC,
one cannot escape sweating.
dievca arrived at Master’s wet and sticky.
All was solved with soap, water and shower sex.
Something to be taken carefully,
but worth the effort to beat the heat.

photo: dievca - shower accoutrements 07/2021


I started my shower with the intent of washing the dust, sweat and grime of the day away. Alone, in my bubble, with the hot water rinsing the fatigue – the door opened.

“May I share your shower?”
What part of absolutely don’t you understand?

I want to touch and soap up every piece of you. I want to play with your testicles, rinse
and lick your ass, suck your cock. I want to slide my breasts up and down your soapy chest, feel your fingers slip through my pussy then play with my clean ass as we kiss.

I want you to play with me until I am coming all over and opened up wide. Then bend me over to enter my ass as I grab my ankles. Holding my hips to create a rhythm.

I want to squirt and orgasm hard as only my Master can make me. I want my Master to Orgasm hard as He slaps my ass and pinches my nipple.

Then I want to rinse and towel off my Master and myself, only to stumble to the bed for a short nap.


Then I will sew this patch on to my jean jacket:


Shower Sex…sometimes Real Life beats Fantasy.


  • dievca and Master are no longer young pups.
  • That said, they are both in pretty good shape.
  • They are both smaller than in the past.

More Facts:

  • Shower sex can be dangerous.
  • Shower sex can be awkward.
  • Shower sex can be uncomfortable.
  • Shower sex can be fun as hell!

Everyone wins in shower sex

 dievca went to Master’s to help him pack for His trip. There were time constraints. But enough time for a shower.

Master’s spare shower is about a 1 meter x 1 meter square with a rain shower head and hand-held shower head. A tightly intimate fit in many ways. Add the logistics of trying not to break the glass door/glass shelves, hang on to handles, or the soap dish. It was an opportunity to get creative and show-off some flexibility.

dievca took the time to wash Master’s body well as he soaped her up and played with her breasts. After rinsing, she Worshipped His Cock, then respectfully asked Master if she could turn Him for Rimming (she loves analingus because she knows He loves the feel and it gives Master the sense of how good dievca feels during anal sex). dievca orgasmed multiple times from Master’s playing with her nipples and clit as he drew her back up to standing. Master bent dievca over for vaginal and anal sex with the shower door closed. A tight, direct fit.

Hands on floor from behind

After cumming, both Master and dievca safely stumbled out of the shower without breaking anything, Master quipped, “Do you think that we can call that intense?”

Yeah…dievca thinks so~

A nice send-off for the month of travel.