A bit of a ‘whiteout’


Not as bad as Long Island or Boston – but blowing snow and drifting in NYC.

Photo: dievca NYC 01/2022

Sleepy on a Snowy Morning!

Stay warm and have a coffee for dievca and Hilda. XO

It held up to a sh*t mess…Stand Studio – Farrah Coat

Can’t visit the Midwest without shoveling~

In this case, ice.

It was sleet, then fluffy snow, then hail, then sleet, ending up rain which froze on the driveway.

dievca just happened be wearing the appropriate coat to handle all of the choices Mother Nature decided to share – a recent purchase to take the place of three down coats:

It dried and puffed up nicely in the dryer and was ready for snow blowing 4-inches the following morning.

Gardening or snow removal – dievca’s available for hire. ūüôĄ

Last Snow of 2020

dievca’s Dad had a High School kid who would help him around the house, that kid has since graduated from college. But, he would still visit her Dad and help when he could before Dad died. dievca looked in the garage and saw a rebuilt Corvette being stored in one stall. It’s the kid’s and he must have asked dievca’s brother to store it. No problem.

So, what is dievca’s Mom getting in return?
Driveway snow clearing services — but notably this morning at 6:00 am it is not the kid clearing the drive, it’s his Dad….

Photos: dievca Midwest 12/2020

It started like this:

New gates at LaGuardia (LGA) – quite a nice view!

Everyone gets their own chargers – now if they could add a cup holder~

We moved into this:

The low-pressure system dopped 5 inches over 3+ hours. dievca had a shitty umm, not so great – midsize rental for the 1-hour drive (it took 2). To upgrade the car would have been $38-$76 per day. She passed on the upgrade and drove carefully.

After helping the caregiver shovel the driveway, dievca moved on to

What her Sister-In-Law left for her:

Winter continues….

Did someone say something about Spring?
Master brought the snow back with Him.

What a Bombogenesis looks like~

Explosive cyclogenesis (also called a weather bomb, meteorological bomb, explosive development, or bombogenesis) refers in a strict sense to a rapidly deepening extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area.  

“Bomb cyclones” or “weather bombs” are wicked winter storms that can rival the strength of hurricanes and are so-called because of the process that creates them: bombogenesis. It’s a mouthful of a meteorology term that refers to a storm (generally a non-tropical one) that intensifies very rapidly.

Can you get a cold upon a cold? Yes.  Does it make you sound sexy? Not Really.
Should you get out of the apartment during a snowstorm? Yes.
Should you shovel? No.

Yesterday, dievca woke up to a little bit of snow. In her Midwestern Winter superior tones she texted Master who was in charge of shoveling an elderly friend’s stoop/sidewalk to say, “These sissy NY-ers, they get all wound up about a little snow!”

Later in the morning dievca walked to work:

It ended up a pretty good snowstorm! 10th Ave with the new construction was a Wind Tunnel.
And dievca was happy she wasn’t around to help Master shovel. she did her duty at her Parent’s house the week before. Good news, Master didn’t throw His back out. XO

The Northface Downtown Taupe 550 fill down Parka

Lola Hats Hopscotch Alpaca Blend Blaze

DeLux Oscar the Grouch mittens

Nike Swim Backpack Blaze

Ilse Jacobsen Tall Rubber Winter Boots black white soles

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

Hudsalve Swedish Lip Balm

NYC Holiday Moments (click a photo to know)

Photos: dievca NYC wandering 12/2017


Yesterday, they were on the High Line.

And though crocuses are hardy…
Today, dievca is pretty sure they are gone.

Thundersnow can do that to you.

Thundersnow, also known as a winter thunderstorm or a thundersnowstorm, is an unusual kind of thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of rain. It typically falls in regions of strong upward motion within the cold sector of an extratropical cyclone. Thermodynamically, it is not different from any other type of thunderstorms, but the top of the cumulonimbus cloud is usually quite low. In addition to snow, graupel, or hail may fall. ~ wikipedia

PS. there is more snow – this is what has shown up on a protected corner of dievca’s fire escape. she’s barefoot and not about to step out for better photos, sorry. XO

probably the only happy dievca in NYC, this morning

Per a conversation with a friend from Montreal:


photo: the top of dievca’s JCrew faux fur trapper hat from her delight of walking home in the snow

“You can take the dievca out of the Midwest,
but you cannot take the Midwest out of the dievca.”

Playing in Central Park….in the snow…what to wear!

dievca caught up with friends in Central Park to play in the 26 inches (66 cm) of snow. After a gorgeous couple of hours in the sun wandering it was time for Après-snowplay with soup at the New-York Historical Society Caffè Storico.

Caffe Storico2

What dievca was wearing:

dievca will be coming back to the¬†New-York Historical Society when she isn’t full of snow from sledding and a snowball fight. she would like to see some of the exhibitions: Holiday Express: Toys and Trains from the Jerni Collection¬†which is on until Feb. 28th (Lia and Master, this is for you!) and Superheroes in Gotham,¬†on until Feb. 21st.

20160124_134832_resized 20160124_134848_resized

A little snow goes a long way~

dievca woke to a muffled murmur and the comforting feeling of being insulated….until the sirens broke the City silence. As she looked out her window, she saw a “white out” and snow gently coming down. It’s the first winter storm: “Storm Jonas”– a friend has a son named “Jonas” and that friend was getting texts all night as she, dievca and others sorted jewelry with sushi and wine.

dievca’s work day will be up-in-arms, but she’s taking a moment to delight in the view while enjoying coffee and oatmeal with dried cherries. ¬†Please join her. XO

And what dievca will be wearing as she plows through the snow to get to work:

PS. dievca wishes she was in the Poconos skiing…..sigh. Maybe next month.