Ready? are you Ready?

dievca felt this acapella version of Soul 2 Soul’s “Back 2 Life”
is the most gentle and appropriate way to ease into
the 1st Monday of 2017.
Please share the groove with her this morning.
(Things are better when shared~)

SOUL 2 SOUL – Back 2 Life [Acapella] + Jazzie’s Groove. (1989)



Waiter from 44½in his Toasted T-shirt.

What is 44½ you ask?  It’s a restaurant in NYC. dievca has a gentleman friend who likes to dine there with her, once a year.  Her friend, who prefers other gentleman, lives in the neighborhood, so it is very convenient for him. Plus, he loves to check out the eye candy who work there. You can see a little bit of something in the photo.

dievca likes the restaurant, too. She’s had:


avocado corn relish, tempura garlic pickle,
pea shoots, sweet mango,
granny smith apple, watermelon radish,
slow roasted golden beet & pickled ginger vinaigrette


chanterelle mushrooms, fresh corn, artichokes, leeks,
fingerling potatoes & lobster saffron broth


lemon olive oil reduction & fines herbes

So the Waiters (Yep, all Male that dievca can see~) wear pink T-shirts with brown writing.

Love the T-shirts! Why?

20161024_134926 20161024_134949





The t-shirts speak for themselves and, yes, dievca’s friend bought her the whipped/beaten t-shirt with no clue why dievca wanted it…

With Master and dievca’s dynamic, latte/head would have been a better choice – but they were out.

By-the-by, this is the sister restaurant to 44 & X HELL’S KITCHEN for dievca’s post Brunch & Beyond.


They said “Toy Boys” – a Mixed Message from Suitsupply

Suitsupply is at it, again….
Remember in 2012? Their SHAMLESS ad campaign (Suitsupply and something for Master: Carli Hermes) which had the Belgian Authorities pulling four ads out from public view?
Here’s 2016:
suitsupply 2016 1suitsupply 2016 8 suitsupply 2016 5 suitsupply 2016 2 suitsupply 2016 6 suitsupply 2016 4 suitsupply 2016 3 suitsupply 2016 7

Their press release begins ‘sometimes it seems like it’s a woman’s world these days, and we just live in it’…ummm, on the average men earn over 20% more and in some countries women still don’t have the right to vote, divorce or go to school (the point of the 2016 International Women’s Day theme), but sure, ‘it’s a woman’s world’.

The press release went on to say: ‘So what’s a guy to do? You’re a modern gentleman, but the tables have turned. You have a certain way with the ladies…that is, until they have their way with you. You’re a playboy, but what happens when the playboy becomes the plaything?’

To dievca – it’s a very creative campaign – she loves it.  But, what the press release says: The intention to portray the woman as the dominant and the man as the submissive, doesn’t seem to work.  she thinks the opposite comes across and in her opinion that’s not necessarily a bad thing — Suitsupply just needs to state it correctly. Right?
At least the suits look great–dievca still needs to see if Master would be willing to check them out, especially since he lost weight and needs a new suit.

No glove, no love — nah, just a little EDGE to an outfit.

Candice Swanepoel by Collier Schorr for Muse - La Perla fringe leather glovesUrban Dictionary


1. a condom.
2. a garment that you put on your hands.

1. “No glove, no love.”
2. “Put your gloves on; it’s cold outside!”


Diane von Furstenberg black studded leather gloves


Michael by Michael Kors Quilted Leather Padlock Gloves


Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Zipped Up Gloves


dsquared2 Black Layered Fringe Gloves


Blackcouk Gold Studded Black Leather Gloves Silk-lined

Black Leather Gloved with diagonal zip and o-ring pull

Black Leather Gloved with diagonal zip and o-ring pull


Portolano Black Grommet Leather Gloves

Dune Accessory Black Leather Gloves with Leopard Detail

Dune Accessory Black Leather Gloves Leopard Ponyhair Detail

coach-black-leather-gloves-with turnlocks

Coach Black Leather Gloves with turnlocks

Rag & Bone Chevron Quilted Leather Gloves

Rag & Bone Chevron Quilted Leather Gloves

Studded Bow Leather Gloves

Studded Bow Leather Gloves

Chanel Black Leather Fingerless Gloves with Chain Fringe

Chanel Black Leather Fingerless Gloves with Chain Fringe

River Island Zip Detail Leather Gloves

River Island Zip Detail Leather Gloves



Diane von Furstenberg Black Fringe Leather Gloves

Ines HappyKnot_ Leather Gloves 2048x2048

Ines HappyKnot_ Leather Gloves

Finds Plexiglas Lips embellished Glove $158 Net-a-Porter

Finds Plexiglas Lips embellished Glove

A little “Slap and Tickle”.

Slap and Tickle

Slap and Tickle” is a British euphemism for light-hearted sexual activity or police brutality, but the phrase also refers to the funky style of bass guitar played by Harry Kakoulli on Squeeze’s track.

VIDEO ♥ SQUEEZE Slap And Tickle 2010 LiVe

dievca found a great wooden ruler at Master’s apartment.  Master had to explain to dievca that the ruler was not a play toy, but an antique after he found dievca thwapping it on her hand.

Abashed, dievca found some inexpensive play pieces from Coco de Mer to bring on the sting.

CocodeMer Measure Your Pleasure CocodeMer Hanky Panky ruler CocodeMer Enjoy Every Inch CocodeMer Teach Me a Lesson ruler CocodeMer Spank You Very Much
If you want to experience something softer  to take away the sting.
Perhaps a Feather Tickler would stir your imagination.

CocodeMer slap and tickle

Coco de Mer

Lelo Tantra Feather Tickler


Or even better … a little bit of both?

Elegant (and expensive) BDSM


Time to calculate the COST PER USE!

Hermès: Riding Crop Bracelet + Option B

Hermes Gold and Silver Riding Crop Bracelet

Absolutely beautiful~if you can find it…
But, imagine the sting from the price.

dievca is a looking for a little less expensive ode to the Riding Crop.
“Option B” might be good for her next manicure:

Start with the Riding Crop

Etsy: LynBDesigns – “Start With The Riding Crop” (handmade nail polish)

…asking for a little Sugar

This cartoon sums it up nicely – a way to make dievca’s rainy day better.

Make you Feel Better

Doesn’t matter who gives or receives the oral sex, it is the joy of sharing.
Pleasing Master is a treat that can change dievca’s mood in an instant.

And the Cookies?
What dievca isn’t rooting around for a little sugar during her hormonal swings?

Master? May your dievca ask for a little Sugar today?

(singsong) “Gimme some suga, bay-bee!”

Or perhaps you prefer other types of sugar to feel good:



Hour 8 of a 9 hour drive

Your body rulesdievca was into hour 8 of a 9 hour drive.
It was a great drive, good weather, minimal traffic, dievca wasn’t in a hurry, no Sirius radio in the rental car but her phone/Pandora connection worked well.

Heading towards the City — dievca shut Pandora down and tuned in to a local radio station for the for the traffic reports. The first song to play was this:

All About the Bass – Meghan Trainor

Please remember that dievca doesn’t own a car and doesn’t listen to local radio at all, so she hadn’t heard this song before. It is a bit obnoxious, but catchy and it talks about Body Image in a positive way. Something dear to dievca’s heart. So, if you have the patience and tolerance for Pop Music, please take a moment to watch the video and think of dievca shaking her ASSets to a really cheesy song. 😀

Tough Day-giving Peace

Cuddling submissive


“Thank You, Master”


Alternate Universes: Dominant/submissive 2
parody Sherlock comic by Amy Crook

Belted…started by Hermès, finished by Vintage

Follow the trail:

dievca knows that some BDSM couples are very fond of using belts for spankings. Now, she has offered jewelry items in the shape of ropes, collier de chien, whips, locks — but nothing to subtly honor her belt lovers. OK, you can argue about the Hermès whip offering — but using a whip in S&M takes a great deal of practice and how many people are willing to practice?  Belts snap nicely, are readily available and are used more often for D/s and S&M. Right? dievca ran into a photo of a Hermès’ belt’ ring.  she couldn’t decide if it was a scarf ring or a finger ring — so she went searching on the internet for more information and got distracted by a Victorian mourning ring in the shape of a belt with a channel for the hair of a deceased loved one. Very sincere and beautiful, but a bit gothic. Then she ran into this vintage Belt Ring:

Victorian Diamond Buckle Ring $950.00

Belt and buckle imagery was used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras to symbolize strength, fidelity, and eternity. The motif lends itself most naturally to bracelets and rings but can also be seen decorating lockets, earrings, and brooches. This 18k yellow gold ring is set with two 0.05ct diamonds and is fully hallmarked for Birmingham 1898.

Victorian Diamond Buckle Ring from Erica Weiner NYC

Take a moment to look around the site.  There is a large collection of vintage jewelry, offerings designed by Erica and her team for under $200 and a fine jewelry collection called “1909 by Erica Weiner”. dievca is always on the lookout for items to signal her submission in a subtle way and a vintage belt ring might be a simply elegant solution.

An ass made for spanking, but sometimes hard to dress.

An ass made for spanking, but sometimes hard to dress.

Hourglass. Curvy. Athletic. Voluptuous. Zaftig.

dievca’s body has an ass made for spanking and other pleasurable activities. The body belongs to Master and Thank Goodness he savors my build. But, dievca desires to dress nicely for Master and it becomes a challenge when Fashion leans towards less curvy builds.

After many years of dressing the ass, dievca can offer up some thoughts on dressing the body attached to it:

  • Be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Even if you got that Isabel Marant piece at the Barneys Warehouse Sale for a steal.
  • Dress for your body type. If the Retro 1950’s look is best for your curves – wear it. That 1960’s shift dress belongs on a straight body. A well-fitted dress never goes out of style.
  • Don’t obsess about a size. Size is just an assigned number. Blue Jeans are cut in stacks, the size assigned to a lot can vary widely.
  • Try on a variety of clothing and sizes to learn your best styles and fit. That ugly dress on the hanger just might be fabulous on you. Be open.
  • Be confident. Confidence can mask a multitude of sins.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to be well dressed. But if you have a fortune, there is a dress from Dolce and Gabbana that dievca would like you to buy for her!

In the end, if all else fails, you can wear your own variation of Master’s favorite outfit:

dievca naked in a pair of heels wearing Master’s collar. Kneeling. Ready to serve.