When Master said, “You will wear Snakeskin”,

dievca thought this:


she didn’t realize Master meant this:


Urban Dictionary Top Definition:
the dried after effects of ejaculation creating a thin-film upon the chest or stomach

(shoes: OOGii Limited Edition Snakeskin Bronze Heels 350 AUD)

Elegant Spermatozoon: Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon

Spermatozoon: an elegant line, design and shape.
Something Betony Vernon has incorporated into her World.
Sperm + Egg = Life


Betony designed the Geisha Hairpin Kit for individuals like herself who believe that gorgeous tresses should be governed with equally beautiful and functional tools. The Geisha Hairpin Kit will secure most hair in a perfect chignon. It may also be used to sustain and embellish more elaborate coiffures. Worn as a set the Geisha Hairpins create an elegant “pierced” effect.

Materials: Sterling Silver (925)

Weight: Silver 54 gr / 1.9 oz


Large sterling silver sphere ø 21 mm

Six small sterling silver spheres ø 9 mm

2 035,00 €

Price includes Import Duties/VAT.

Sperm Ring

This Sperm Ring is a celebration of sexual vitality. Did you know that when healthy spermatozoids leave the body via ejaculation, they all travel in the same direction at an average speed of 45 miles per hour? How to wear it: Carefully bend the ring to contour your finger. You can wear it on your thumb as well as in your pinky but better avoid changing its size repeatedly as it may harm its sleek, sinuous forms.

Note: How to Properly Adorn: Carefully bend each ring to contour your finger. Avoid changing their sizes repeatedly as it may harm their sleek, sinuous forms. The sperm rings can also be worn individually or stacked in twos, threes or more. (See Sperm Race)

1 443,00 € for a 18K Gold Sperm Ring

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