Rally Cap

rally cap is a baseball cap worn inside-out and backwards or in some other unconventional manner by players and/or fans to will a team to a come-from-behind victory late in a game. The rally cap is primarily a baseball superstition but has been adopted in various forms in other sports such as hockey.


dievca just thought it was wearing your team hat with pride during a tough stretch in the season.


Her Cubbie Bears are out, the Mets are painful to watch – so she’ll join Team Yankee because she can wear the Gucci Knit Yankees Winter Hat she won on auction. A little sports and fashion moment….

The NY Mets fans might want to try wearing a true rally hat to give their team some help. XO

A true fan’s pain…


Throughout dievca’s Life there have been ups & downs as a Chicago Sports Fan.

This gentleman has dievca beat, but she feels his pain (click on the link to see the video)
The best are the comments:


And they WON!

(Click on Photos for a larger view of the OT goal.)

dievca was the lucky recipient of a last-minute offer to see the NY Rangers play Game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s always a treat to catch live hockey, but the game was tight and the energy in MSG (Madison Square Garden) was ROCKING!

The Rangers will be facing the Carolina Hurricanes, next. They are a good team – we will see.

Fingers crossed.🤞

Photos: dievca NYC 05/2022

The Fat Friars – whoops, Swinging Friars

Now that dievca’s beloved Chicago Cubs have traded the team away to rebuild, (Note: Anthony Rizzo is playing well for the NY Yankees…) dievca is open to perhaps choosing a second favorite.  A Fat Friar with crossed toes might fit the bill!

San Diego Friars

The San Diego Padres (Petco) ballpark is easy to manage, the crowd showed a lot of families and an equal amount of male and female fans, food choices can spin healthy if you are in the mood.  The Women’s bathroom had lots of loos with vacant/not vacant signs. dievca and another Lady watched a guy dash in to use the facilities – they both just laughed. Cripes, dievca’s done that to the Men’s room enough times… And both Male and Female bathrooms offer baby changing stations.

If you get a chance to see a game – do it!

Olympics 2020 (2021)

Normally dievca is in to the Olympics. This time around, she finds herself detached. All the Athletes have worked really hard and dedicated their Life to their Sport – so she wishes them an excellent competition and a great performance. Go USA!

LBL (lingerie)

How many years has deivca been in NYC? and every Spring she sees the ads for the New York Liberty Women’s Basketball Team and she hasn’t made it to a game.  she will be trying again, this year, the home opener is May 25th.

Why does dievca bring this up? she ran into Women’s Basketball while writing the lingerie post for today….Did you know about the Lingerie Basketball League (LBL)?

dievca didn’t.

Starting in 2011 and touted as ‘where beauty meets the hardwood’ the LA Divas, Starlets, Glam and Beauties played head-to-head matches in the world’s most under-dressed league. The LBL held a second season in 2012, but there was no championship game. A championship game between the L.A. Divas and L.A. Glam was announced, but never held.

The LBL did not play in 2013 and is now inactive.

Guess the lingerie didn’t work as planned~

Awkward beginnings: the Jogbra (lingerie)

It’s becoming sexier, the Sports Bra.  But its history is not so elegant, as innovative:

By 1977, Lisa Lindahl had taken up jogging and was fed up with running in her regular underwire bra. The University of Vermont employee was frustrated that her male jogging partner could take off his shirt to cool down, while she was stuck in a bra that slipped off her shoulders and dug into her back as she ran.

Lindahl vented to friend and costume designer Polly Smith that why there something that women could wear to support their breasts without chafing or overheating?

The two along with another costume designer, Hinda Miller,  set out to create a solution, but didn’t make much progress until Lindahl’s then-husband grabbed his jockstrap and held it over his chest. He joked that he’d found the solution.

Turns out, he was onto something.

“I put it over my chest and it went right over my breast,” Lindahl, now in her late 60s and living in Charleston, SC, told The New York Post. “I looked at Polly and said, ‘Oh my word!’”

Prototype of the Original Jogbra

The women sewed two jockstraps together, creating what they called the Jockbra, which was rebranded as the Jogbra. The $16 bra was a revelation: It held breasts in place without metal fixtures or stuffy padding, and the cross-back straps never fell off shoulders.

Lindahl and her partners sold the company to what would become Champion in 1990.

The summer of 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of the invention — and while the sports bra has undoubtedly made technical leaps in the intervening years, its history is a fraught one.

Before the jockbra came into existence, female athletes had been forced to exercise in their regular bras, going so far as to tape the shoulder straps back so they didn’t slip as they ran. Others ran without a bra, leading to uncomfortable catcalls.

Not surprisingly, women embraced the Jogbra, which was sold in sporting goods stores and later advertised in women’s magazines. At the time, the nation had been in the midst of a jogging obsession, and the passing of Title IX in 1972 had given more female students access to participating in sports.

(Lisa Lindahl was smiling with Brandy Chastain’s Soccer celebration antics.)

“It’s amazing how fast sales grew, because there was a pent-up desire for it,” says sports bra science and marketing consultant to Champion LaJean Lawson, Ph.D., who has spent more than 30 years studying and developing sports bras.

‘There is no piece of apparel more difficult to design well than a sports bra.”

Every Woman’s ribcage size is different, breast shapes are different, the breast placement is different, size of shoulders is different, etc. The sports bra originally focused on vertical bounce, but it turns out that breasts bounce horizontally and actually in a figure eight pattern while jogging. Breasts, on the average, weigh 3 pounds and gravity takes its toll, especially while exercising.

The Daily Mail: Why Your Breasts Bounce and How It Tells Your Age

Hurrah for the Jogbra! But the newer sports bras need to be doing more.

Thank you to Smithsonian.com, The NY Post and The Daily Mail

Crying into my excellent wine~

I’m a softy.  As a former Athlete, (yeah, yeah, yeah – elite athlete….What is that? Someone who represented their country in the top-tier.) ~Whatever.  My body doesn’t work as elegantly, now.

as dievca has a glass of Master’s wine in her hand…umm, a little tipsy.

As a former Athlete, I appreciate and treasure the life’s lessons and experiences which athletics can give a child, young adult, and adult.  These lessons are beyond the athletic skills, they are social awareness lessons, reality lessons, health lessons and love lessons. And those lessons or gifts may come from the most unexpected places.

I remember learning, at 7 years old, that you don’t know who is sitting around you, so if you don’t have anything nice to say about another athlete – don’t say anything at all.

Then being offered a piece of the new-fangled Bubblicious bubble gum.

The advice stuck. So did the bubblegum.

The reason I was crying was this E:60 story.  I love Men, I love teenagers – all their angst, I love boys, I love children — anything that makes a child’s Life better is gold. Add something athletic? Golden.

(note this a long clip, 24 min – sorry.)

It reminds me to tell the kids I run into that I love them.  Have you told the kids in your Life that you love them? Do it. And those teenagers? They are still kids, they need you. Be there.

PS. For those USA Sports Nuts — my team got dropped in the Sweet 16, but my second choice has made it through to the final four. March Madness is always a bit of fun.

Damn. This wine is going down way too easily. Whew!

Have you known pain? dievca doesn’t think so~Rooting for the Chicago Cubs 40+ years.

Bear with her — no pun intended. Really.


Victoria’s Secret Chicago Cubs Perfect Pink Boyshort Panty

dievca’s Dad had them on the radio, Summer after Summer.  He wasn’t a fan , but it was background noise while he cut the grass.  dievca’s family wasn’t living in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Pirates), they lived outside of Chicago and dievca’s Dad was/is a sports fan.  By default, dievca became a Chicago Cubs Fan.


For the European readers…dievca knows that American Baseball is, well, boring.  Let’s say your favorite football team (soccer) has never won….ever.  But it was super fun to go to a game. Great venue.  BUT THE TEAM HASN’T BROUGHT IT HOME SINCE 1908.

They were the “loveable losers”.
And dievca isn’t going to blame the Curse of the Billy goat.

This is the first year, that it might happen.  The Chicago Cubs American Baseball Team might be able to convert — there is a chance (cross fingers), the team might win the whole kit and kaboodle.

The World Series of Baseball.

nike-cubs-tankdievca knows, she knows – you really don’t care…

But if  you are feeling generous, please help deivca root them on.

Any little bit helps.

They won their first game of the Division Series on Friday and are playing, now, leading 5-2 at 9:30 pm EDT. They are playing the San Francisco Giants. (Watching Bill Murray whoop it up is pretty funny. He’s a HUGE fan, too.)

Actually, they just won the game. Whew!

Thanks, all. XO

PS. Something she would wear (below).

PPS. BTW, Master is not a baseball fan – but he is being kind enough to root for the Cubs for His dievca. XO


Cubs Boyfriend Style cutesportsfan.com


dievca always cries. (Olympics)

Sigh, dievca always cries during the Olympics. Winter or Summer.
Having been an elite Athlete for the USA,
she know how much pain and joy the athletes have known.
Emotions overwhelm her.

dievca is so happy to see the work done to achieve the honor of attending the Olympics.
she hopes every athlete competes well and brings their best.
It is a lifetime of work, presented to the World.

Here’s a photo mix of past inspirational athletes and gold medal winners from Rio.

Sport is one area where the World comes together in Peace.

Tell dievca that you only root for your country, tell her that you are not inspired from a great Road Cycling Race, Football Match, amazing Synchronized Diving skills, a fabulous High Jump — that you are not wiggling in your seat from a catchy Women’s Gymnastic Floor event. If you tell her that…she will make you sit next to her and watch with her eyes.

(BTW, another area of Peace is Science — but that is something for another post.)

PS. dievca mutters and asks questions through each event, analyzing the body mechanics, rules, performance, tactics.  Master is patient with her and is humored.

dievca will cry, again, on August 21st with the closing Ceremonies.
When the time to share the dreams of others comes to an end.
Dreams fulfilled or crushed.
A reflection of Life.

Masculine/Feminine (part two) dievca

So what about dievca? Where does she fit on the sexuality “spectrum?”

Marlene Dietrich

In Part One of this series discussing Masculine and Feminine Characteristics, Master’s activities were discussed and what they might mean to people, when perhaps reality is a bit different.

Master asked dievca to answer the question listed above for Part Two of this series.

You might think dievca is hyper-feminine because of Her choices of dress and actions as a submissive.  That is true.  But we are going to focus on the reality that dievca runs more masculine….outside of D/s.

Let’s take a look at some Masculine and Feminine characteristics:

Feminine qualities:

  • receptive
  • creation
  • instinctual wisdom
  • relating
  • nurturing
  • compassion
  • intuition
  • empathy

Masculine qualities:

  • action-oriented
  • focused
  • assertive
  • passionate
  • transforming
  • stability
  • protect
  • support

Gender Photo

Where does dievca fit?

dievca grew up in a household established with boys. Her Mother and Father were thrilled to have a little girl and they desperately wanted to dress their princess in girly clothing. dievca wanted none of it. she wanted pants, mud, sports and to be like her brothers. But her Dad insisted that if his princess was to compete in a sport, it should be a more feminine sport – gymnastics.  Looking back, dievca’s Dad might have been the 1970’s version of a Dom.

Dorothy Hamill Wedge HaircutLet’s just say when dievca cut her hair to look like Dorothy Hamill (“America’s Sweetheart”) after the 1976 Winter Olympics and people starting calling dievca a boy — her Mom was directed to let dievca’s hair grow back. ASAP.

So, dievca was a more masculine kid in a very feminine sport.  Then as an adult when dievca started to play soccer — she was a very feminine player of a more masculine sport. Her teammates would laugh at her gazelle-like gait and elegant leaps to get to the ball.

Basically, dievca is topsy-turvy — she has been told by Gay friends that the Lesbian crowd would love her because she isn’t a Lipstick Lesbian – she’s more Butch. Hmmm~any comments from Lesbian readers on that feedback?

Sports-wise? It didn’t matter because dievca was an excellent athlete and brought great skills to both sporting endeavors. No one cared about her masculinity or femininity because she could make play for either team.  It did mix-up dievca’s view of herself — she thought that she was unattractive in either venue because she didn’t fit the correct sexual stereotype for either sport.

Thank goodness, dievca has a strong personality…

Hot businesswoman sitting with high heels feet up on office desk, holding cigar, looking at camera confidently.

Actually, her strong personality comes into play, too.  It’s often considered a more masculine trait.  dievca does needs to be dominant in her daily life. she has to be a play-maker and get things done in a timely manner — no time to be sweet as sugar…in fact, there have been some adjectives used to describe dievca that are not necessarily nice to a Lady (but if a Man was called the adjective – it would be no problem~ so dievca will take them as a compliment….)

So, does dievca dress in power suits with a lit a cigar?

On a daily basis dievca runs more downtown chic in dress. Master calls her real-life dressing: “urban chic with a touch a wit”.

So, dievca has an eclectic closet and wears many different hats (or clothes). she takes joy in dressing masculine, feminine and androgynous and because it means she has no limits, which is quite freeing. No labels.

So to answer the question at the beginning of this post?

dievca is a strong female who runs more masculine in her daily Life.

But what about D/s?
How does that play into Master and dievca’s definition of sexuality?