The more you know – Custom Duty

dievca ordered items from her favorite Montreal, Quebec store  The items were on sale and she had been watching them for awhile – the total came up to an amount over $800. She bought them in one batch….bad choice.  Had she made two purchases, she wouldn’t have met the US/Canada Border Customs Threshold amount and she would have not had to pay customs….

Instead, she had to schlep to the Main Post Office to pay the customs to get her items.  Yep, it was a significant amount = $400+. Why did she chose to pay it rather than refusing the items?  

  1. They were items she thought about a long time before purchase.
  2. They were unavailable on sale anywhere else on the web.
  3. offered to put a one-time 110-120% credit towards her next purchase (s).
  4. dievca buys on consistently enough to use the credits.

Visualize dievca opening the box the items in the Main NYC Post Office, stuffing the items into a carryall so she could schlepp it all back to her apartment without her arms falling off.  Would it have been easier if dievca had a car?  Have you ever tried to find parking in Midtown?

Photo: Glamorous items in a non-glamorous bag. XO


Film Noir L. A. – Gorgeous Shoes, Gorgeous Collar, Gorgeous Video

Maryam L’Ange, Chloë Sevigny — “The Beckoning” (2014)

After the death of her friend, a beautiful, sophisticated woman loses grip with reality and believes she’s being haunted.

Eaux “The Beckoning”
Direction Maryam L’Ange / Starring Chloë Sevigny / Styling Emilie Kareh / Fashion SSENSE
An SSENSE and System collaboration

Shoes: 3.1 Philip Lim black ankle chain Berlin heels $495

Collar: I think it is Balenciaga,  I’ve seen it before and now I cannot find it. Frustrating…

Maryam L’Ange, Chloë Sevigny — “The Beckoning” (On Set)

Growing Beauty

Arielle de Pinto Crystal RingArielle de Pinto Drop necklaceMontreal jeweler Arielle de Pinto’s Collection with Lars Paschke for SSENSE


Do you remember making crystals in Chemistry class? If you had the right environment, your Potassium Alum Crystals were a gorgeous triangular/octahedral shape. Potassium_alum_octahedral_crystal.

Or maybe you were food driven and loved Rock Sugar Crystals grown on a string. rock-candy-strings

In fact, I have been to coffee shops where the small wooden dowels with sugar crystals are offered as stirrers. Very sweet.

The jewelry offered by Arielle de Pinto is a combination of metal working and then carefully cultivated crystals grown on the metal structures. Gorgeous!

Two Rings which are exclusive to SSENSE from Canada:

ARIELLE DE PINTO silver and purple crystal boule ringARIELLE DE PINTO ssense exclusive black and silver knuckle duster ring

Absolutely Stunning!

The metallic chain pieces are pretty spectacular, as well.
Something to show your BDSM leanings in a subtle viewing of chains and collars.

ARIELLE DE PINTO silver and rose gold drip earrings ARIELLE DE PINTO rose gold lattice bib necklace