Vanilla Cuffs and Collars: BDSM elegance

Vanilla Cuffs and Collar o-ring-silver-vccjewelry

O-Ring Sterling Silver $90.00

Since 2007, Vanilla Cuffs and Collars (VCC) had a mission to provide high quality, precious metal chainmaille and lifestyle jewelry that can be worn from the play space to the work place.

Some lovely and elegant pieces.

Vanilla Cuffs and Collar chainmaille-collar-graduate

Graduated 4 in 1 Chainmaille Collar $450.00

The Pleasure and the Pain: Betony Vernon Nipple Clamps, A Thing of Beauty

20_dievca was appalled with the visual effects of red plastic clothespins on her body, even though they felt fantastic.

Full-size wood clothespins were not much more appealing.

A livable solution was achieved when she found mini clothespins covered in silver glitter.

But, the most elegant solution was offered by Betony Vernon.

Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Nipple Clamps.