Sole Searching – Something of Use

Rolling the foot with a ball is an exercise you can complete on your own as a way to massage and stretch the bottom of the foot and the plantar fascia making it much less likely to become irritated.  A ball can help to improve flexibility and range of motion of the ankle.

The type of ball to be used is open — what do you have at home?  A softer ball is easier to start with and you can work your way up to a lacrosse ball or a golf ball.

Put enough pressure on the ball to get a deep massage. You may feel some soreness, back off if you feel any pain.

Try it… Sole Searching
Remember the ball loosens up stiffness in your sole’s muscles, joints, and connective tissues.
How to do it:
1. Circle the ball under your heel with some pressure.
2. Slowly roll your foot from heel to toe through the middle of the foot. Repeat for 1 to 2 minutes.
3. Roll the ball side to side so the ball crosses your arch. for 1 to 2 minutes.
4. Curve your toes around the ball to open up the phalanges and metatarsals. Help with your other foot if needed.

Repeat with your other foot.

Winter Pidgeon Pose

Photo: Zoltan Glass

Yoga fiends have their morning “sun salutation”.
dievca has her morning “back resetting” flow
which includes the pigeon pose.
(sometimes in the nude)

How does one’s a** get so tight while sleeping?
An absolute mystery.

A day to lay low…

Lisbon is a lot of walking on hills paved with cobblestones.
Gorgeous views, excellent wine, heat, plus a lot of people in August.

Avoiding the trams due to crowds

Age comes into it when you pull a hamstring and your hips/back step in to carry the load. Makes for a really hurting 7th day.

dievca is laying low, stretching and trying to get her muscles to relax before the flight on Sunday… Wish her luck. XO

re- training

Naked Yoga Girl

Naked Yoga Girl

Sometimes when you get injured, you have to take three steps back to begin moving forward, again.  And as dievca is learning…you can’t expect the performance repertoire you had in your 20’s, when you are two decades + older….

How does that apply to BDSM?
It is BDSM – when you become a masochist to re-train using rollers and balls:

foam-black-roller foam-roller pinky-ball lacrosse-ball tennis-ball-m

Yamuna Body Logic: Rotator

Yamuna Body Logic: Rotator

Then once you can move again,
you start to re-train for your Master:
Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

Gold Anal Plug

Glass Anal Plugblush-luxe-silicone-vibrating-anal-plug

And then….you are ready for your Master’s call.

A Morning Stretch


Photo: dievca 2016 Crete

Sitting in planes, cabs, cars, subways, gets really old. And because dievca is getting older …. she gets really stiff (so does Master – you should see Him using His stretching strap).

dievca is taking her time on the Monday Holiday to start getting limber, again. The last she stretched daily was in Greece. Sigh.

Life does get in the way doesn’t it?

Happy Memorial Day and don’t forget to stretch.