Home of the Strange — hmmm

Hmmm — it looks like a NYC Subway Map, but that shape and color is…

Hah! a Penis!
Manhattan Island does look like a Penis!
It is different and risqué….I like it.

Artwork on Auction from Shop Housing Works NYC (click here)
Auction ends in about a week.

* Printed poster cut and inserted into CD cases

* Signed on back

* Appears to have been assembled by hand

* Edition 28/100

* Great condition

Viet Schuetz’s Subway Map Auction

A little joy on the subway: Peter Sis Art Cards

Peter Sis Artcard MTA submarine

Submarine by Peter Sis 2014 Sis depicts a submarine New York City that was inspired by John Lennon’s 75th birthday.

What dievca saw on the subway traveling to Master:

Peter Sis Artcard 2014 SubmarineThe MTA in NYC created their popular graphic poster program  in 1991. Art Cards were added in 1999.  The aim of the programs are to celebrate the diverse communities that make up the New York region.

MTA Arts & Design commissions five to six artists each year to create transit-related artwork for Poster and Art production. The commissioned work by painters, printmakers, and illustrators touch upon transit-related subjects and the places that can be discovered using the mass transit system. Posters are randomly displayed in unused advertising space on subway platforms throughout the 468 subway stations and on subway cars and buses. You can buy the Art Cards and Posters on http://www.nytransitmuseumstore.com.

Manhattan offered as a submarine or a whale just struck dievca’s sense of fun and made her smile. 🙂

Peter Sis Artcard MTA whale

Peter Sis MTA Art Card Whale