Something of Use – the 7 train


dievca had to rush to Grand Central from the Westside to catch the Metro North.  she took the 7 train across.  It was 5 min 30 sec  from Hudson Yards to Grand Central during an “off-peak” time. she had enough time to get that coffee which saved the day.

Sometimes dievca really ❤❤❤’s New York City.

PS. Happy Marine Corps Birthday!

A NYC Morning~

Watching the dawn on the 7 Train
Catching a ride to LaGuardia
Easy Flight.
Dad isn’t doing so well.

Photos: dievca, half-asleep NYC subway 7 line

Seen on the Subway


Seen on the Subway: naturalization test prep

Handwritten notes in two languages,
Mouth moving to the English,
Handsome fretwork glasses,
Clean and neat.

I wish you Good Luck,
In your Quest,
On your Test,
To become a US Citizen.

Us, past immigrants,
And Lady Liberty,
Bid you Welcome,
With open arms.

Photo: dievca 04/2017 “6 Train neighbor”

Eavesdropping on the Subway

dievca was pissed. she wasn’t paying attention at the 59th Street Station and the doors closed on her while she realized that she was on the uptown subway train traveling express to 125th. dievca needed to go downtown.

It was a long day – about to get longer.

After cursing herself all the way up to 125th on a packed train, dievca leapt off and ran across the platform to a downtown local train. Yes, local would be a heck of a lot longer – but dievca was able to get a seat. A prime piece of real estate during rush hour.

It was worth it.

Carrying Case

A conversation broke out between two gentlemen about a carrying case that one guy favored.

An eavesdropping dievca learned that this yellow suitcase contained a camera and lenses for a Fashion Photographer.  He claimed to have spent a pretty penny on the case, but felt it was well worth it. He stands on it during Fashion Week and when he flies, it goes right under the seat in front of him.  The other guy was an amateur photography nut and was thrilled when the owner of the carrying case opened it up to show him how his equipment fit, packed safely.

The two Guys distracted dievca all the way to 42nd Street.

And, yes, she did check out who the photographer was — here is his website.

Seemed like a very nice guy who loves his work and is willing to share. It’s always nice to run into someone who is passionate about what they do in Life.

Photo: dievca NYC Subway 10/2016
(a NYC/dievca series) Neighborhood Anecdotes Episode #2

Subway Manners-and kindness. (a bit of a rambling rant – sorry)

Manspreader2 Manspreader no faceNo, dievca does not want to see your balls displayed like a male dog showing you his family jewels to get a belly rub.  she just wants you to close your legs and allow room for others. she will shove her firm a** in to sit and make you close your legs.  The dirty look doesn’t work — she really doesn’t care. she grew up with brothers.

The MTA is still working the ads:


But, it looks like they tried this tact before:

MANSPREADING3-jumbo vintage

After her irritation with Manspreaders, dievca has run into subway kindness.  What is subway kindness? Take a look:

Beyond Manners: Brooklyn-bound A train in January  — an article on Subway awareness and kindness. A gentleman shares his shirt.

There are pseudo homeless people begging in NYC and then they head to Florida for the Winter. But, there are people who you know are not functioning well and you watch for them…   One of my gentleman I kept an eye for was someone I dubbed, “The Watcher”.  He roamed around the Columbus Circle subway station and along 8th Ave/55, 56, 57th street.  Never bothering anyone, always silent, always standing, always watching.  I tried to make sure he had food. Sadly, I haven’t seen him in a year.

Or at the bus stop when an elderly Lady isn’t dressed properly for the weather — you can survive without your fun, purple cashmere, fleeced-lined mittens. She can’t. Her chilblained hands need them, immediately, and the color brightened her day. How do you know? She said so~

You know good Subway Manners when you see them and you know when someone really needs your help in NYC. Be aware.

Prompted by dievca’s recent subway rides and this quote:

“If you take a subway together and he man-spreads, pole hogs, or doesn’t offer his seat to the elderly or pregnant riders, don’t fuck him. Manners make a man — and a good lay.”
— Irina, 25 (Refinery29 Post)

PS: This is how dievca reacts to Manspreaders on the subways….sometimes it is good to be built strong, have a solid ass and a don’t mess with me attitude.

Made you look!


OK, this was in the Broadway-Layfayette Station in 2011,
but dievca hasn’t seen it lately…

(If you are curious, there is normally an “F” where the “S” is~)

A thing of beauty on the subway

dievca took the subway up to Master’s apartment. On the way, she was distracted by an Asian Lady writing Asian characters on her phone with her finger. It was a thing of beauty to watch her fluid movements.  Such a complex way to write an e-mail. dievca was amazed.

Chinese Character Love

If you don’t grow up with the language and want to learn to write it later — it there a way to  do it?

The Daily Mail: The new Candy Crush Chinese language app

The two questions are “How much memory does dievca have on her phone for another app?”

Chinese Character Woman

and “How much practice does dievca need to be as elegant a writer as that Lady?”