Desperate for a Dress

And the Sun…

It’s hard to wear a dress when biking up to Master’s place,
but dievca is getting sick of practical athletic shorts and pants.

she did a little summer splurging on the sales pages:

Rhode Jasmine Floral shirred cotton mini dress

Merlette Tuileries white cotton drawstring Dress

Etro Fantasy Print red side-tie Bikini

Should work out with the RE/done upcycled Levi’s denim mask:

Elfje: NYC law

I lay
On the beach
Is there a problem?

Lee Miller Sunbathing in France

Lee Miller Sunbathing in France

NYC has a law which allows Women to go topless. Most are not bold enough to utilize the law, but dievca thinks of it each time she wants to sunbathe topless on the fire escape.