Dealing with drag ~ in the physics sense

In fluid dynamics, drag (sometimes called fluid resistance) is a force acting opposite to the relative motion of any object moving with respect to a surrounding fluid. This can exist between two fluid layers (or surfaces) or between a fluid and a solid surface.

Unlike other resistive forces, such as dry friction, which are nearly independent of velocity, the drag force depends on velocity.

Drag forces always tend to decrease fluid velocity relative to the solid object in the fluid’s path.

So, dievca wore this swimsuit to WaterWorks class today:

bleu-rod-walk-the-line-1-pc-square-neck-ribbed-one-piece-swimsuit-coral chic

The class was canceled, last minute, and dievca decided to swim laps instead.  The Bleu by Rod Beattie “Walk the Line” swimsuit above has a scoop neck and an underwire “bra” which is great for bouncing in the pool, not so good for swimming laps…  The scoop neck, scooped up water and the underwire kept it in the suit longer – almost like a solid creating drag.  Let’s just say that dievca was pretty darn slow. But, she looked good sunning herself on the sundeck after her swim!


Its the end of season and the swimsuit sales are beginning – here’s dievca’s choice:

Else swimsuit verte

ELSE swimsuit verte

If this ELSE version of VERTE doesn’t work for you – here’s the color wheel of greens and a selection of swimsuits! (click photos for brands)

Palette-green1 verte

bikini choices? coffee choices = Summer

Summer CoffeeSummer Solstice is coming up on Sunday, June 20th.

What Summer Coffee options beat the heat?

We all know about the typical coffee over ice or espresso over ice drink, but if you want a twist maybe these three coffee options will rotate your stirrer.

1.) Cold brew:  Cold brew can be made using a French press by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for at least 12 hours, without pressing down on the plunger, to extract highly condensed flavors. After allowing it to steep, press down on the plunger, then serve the cold brew over ice. The result is a very condensed and delicious coffee, but it is very strong so consider diluting it a little with milk or water.

2.) Affogato: This is a traditional Italian espresso-based drink that is often found on dessert menus at Italian restaurants. It is made by pouring a shot of hot espresso over a scoop of gelato. Vanilla gelato pairs very well with the espresso, but you can experiment with any kind of gelato you want. This drink is perfect for the coffee enthusiasts with a sweet tooth who want a rich dessert drink that maintains strong coffee flavors.

3.) Espresso Tonic: This is also known in some places as café tonics or black tonics, but the concept is simple- add tonic water to espresso. The unexpected result is a slightly sweet, citrusy taste filled with effervescence and coffee goodness. Whether you are making this at home or ordering it in a local coffee shop, start with 2 ounces of espresso and then 6 ounces of tonic water on the side. Slowly pour the espresso on top of the tonic water to avoid overflowing. Enjoy!

And the bikini?

Title Nine Chameleon High Waisted Bikini Bottom and Top – Paprika Floral

Swiming in NYC

August 14, 1938, Floating Bath Hudson River at 96th Street

It’s hot!
dievca and Master are going swimming, but not in the Hudson River.

The river is a bit dirty and the currents can be significant.
Instead, they will be hitting a local lap pool.

  • Stella McCartney x Adidas Orange Snakeskin One-Piece Swimsuit.
  • Speedo Black Silicone Swim Cap.
  • Speedo Clear Hydroplex Goggles.

OK, the suit is not super-glamorous on the sundeck. It is reasonably flattering.

Lingerie: Corset Swimsuit

dievca was thinking about how her corsets make her look fabulous
and how one of the places you would like to look fabulous at is the pool or beach.
Enter the Corset Swimsuit.

With waist-cinching, lacing up, bust enhancing shapes – it might be a way to go.

One of the suits, in particular, is a custom-made swim corset with boning!
Can you find it?


So, you are heading towards 50…
do you wear the bikini in public or not?

You do!

If you bought one from Fused Hawaii that has the Kohanaiki Top to hold those glorious breasts and the Kona Bottom to hug your spectacular curves without showing God & Country spillage.

dievca had really good luck with her
but take a look around for other colors, patterns
and styles.
You know its good
if dievca sent a bikini selfie to Master!

(click on the logo to link to the website)

“Don’t be a Kook.” (but I am one….)

Kook, noun. Pronunciation: kük : An individual with no understanding of the social and sartorial norms of surfing. In the water, a kook’s cluelessness can aggravate or endanger other surfers; on occasion, kooks can even be recognized solely by the faux pas they commit out of the ocean.

That’s me!
The dievca who doesn’t know how to surf and is desperate to get out NYC and hit the beach.

The one following the advice: to avoid becoming old, you must try new things.
dievca wants to look good while being the “newbie”. As there are “snow bunnies” on the ski slopes — dievca wants to be a “Surf Bunny” on the beach.
Dressed well with not a clue~

Zodiac print Kookboard

Solid foam soft top, EPS core, two wooden stringers, printed fiberglass hard bottom with plastic fins. Solid black back.

Dimensions: 5’2” x 25” x 2.5″

Weight: 5.5kg each (about 12 lbs)

Includes: 3 fins and 1 leash


GQ Article on Surfing etiquette

(click photo for link to other Cynthia Rowley wetsuits, swimsuits and Kookboards)

Do you Surf?

Beachtail – for the bikini?

BoDivas Original Jewelry

Sexy Charm for Bikini Crotch


Umm, dievca will not be wearing this at the beach,
unless Master specifically requests it.
Made in Japan,
the Beachtail can be purchased on Etsy or Amazon.

Unexpected Summer Look via a Swimsuit

dievca was meeting a friend for coffee and a macaron…she had seen the blurbs about wearing a one piece swimsuit as a top and thought she might give it a whirl.

she put on her Tori Praver one-piece Honolua smocked Swimsuit:

and realized the coverage alongside the breasts was….slim. Too lazy to take the suit off, dievca added her VPL Two scoopneck B tank top:

she then tucked the tank into high-waisted tan wideleg pants from H&M:

Finishing the look with:

Converse Raffia weave Rebel

Tom Ford Francesca

Starbucks Rodarte Tote

Not bad for an “on-the-fly” outfit, maybe not for dinner with Master – but cute for the beach and then lunch. The best part? dievca was able to shop her closet!

Hands On!


  • Self: 84% polyamide , 16% spandex
  • Contrast Fabric: 100% polyamide
  • Made in Brazil
  • Hand wash
  • Mesh fabric
  • Back hook closure
  • Bottoms with side tie closures

What’s in a name?


Who in the BDSM lifestyle wouldn’t be entertained by the name?
And the suits look like a flashback to the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Whip Appeal of Sweden website
(and their blog has a nod to Tony Futura – great minds!)

Whip Appeal of Sweden creates unique printed swimsuits in collaboration with guest artists. All our swimsuits are made out of recycled polyester.

Cut me out and strap me up!

The “Cut Out’ suit has been big hit this Summer and dievca didn’t hop on to the bandwagon. Nothing caught her attention….until she saw this Volcom offering!

Look at this strappiness – a nod to bondage.

The suit will take her through the last days of Summer, look great with a skirt and…should carry dievca into next Summer!

What do you think?

Volcom Simply Solid One Piece Suit Multi $90 Volcom Simply Solid One Piece Suit Multi $90 back Volcom Simply Solid One Piece Suit Multi $90 side

Volcom Simply Solid One Piece Suit Multi $90


dievca appreciates the NY City Law that she can go topless.  she’s not interested in walking around her city without a top unless Her Master tells her to (he’s not interested that either), but she is interested in laying in the sun on her fire escape…. topless….

Yes, the law was passed in 1992 for NYC to allow women to go topless (like Men).
But, dievca thinks the conversation started in the mid-1960’s with the~


Model: Daphné Dayle
Photographer: Paul Schutzer

Who’s idea was it?

Rudy Gernreich’s idea.

An influential designer in the 1960s-70s from America; he was most known for his sport clothes and radical styles including the topless swimsuit, see-through blouses, and “no-bra” bras.

Swimsuit as a statement:
Gernreich purposefully used his designs to advance his socio-political views. He wanted to reduce the stigma of a naked body, to “cure our society of its sex hang up”, as he put it. Gerreich stated, “To me, the only respect you can give to a woman is to make her a human being. A totally emancipated woman who is totally free.”

Gernreich said, “Baring the breasts seemed logical in a period of freer attitudes, freer minds, the emancipation of women.” Gernreich told Time magazine in 1969, the monokini “is a natural development growing out of all the loosening up, the re-evaluation of values that’s going on. There is now an honesty hangup, and part of this is not hiding the body—it stands for freedom.”

“Every girl I knew was offended by the dirty-little-boy attitude of the American male toward the American bosom. I was aware that the great masses of the world would find the topless shocking and immoral. I couldn’t help feel the implicit hypocrisy that made something in one culture immoral and in another perfectly acceptable.”

In January, 1965, he told Gloria Steinem in an interview that despite the criticism he’d do it again.

“A designer stands or falls on the totality of each year’s collection, not just one item. At the moment, this topless business has done nothing but take away from my work, but in the end, I’m sure having my name known internationally will be a help. But that isn’t why I’d do it again. I’d do it again because I think the topless, by overstating and exaggerating a new freedom of the body, will make the moderate, right degree of freedom more acceptable.”

Nowadays — the Monokini has a top and bottom connected in some format covering the breasts. The swimsuit Rudy Gernreich designed would be called a unikini.

Thank you to LIFE Magazine, Messy Nessy Chic, and Wikipedia.

And if you want to know if your area of the country is topless… — topless laws map


dievca’s desire in Fashion :chained

dievca’s love of chains has appeared in

Interview Magazine


Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 3Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 6 Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 7 Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 2 Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 5 Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 4 Interview Magazine June 2016 Color-Safe 1

client: Interview Magazine
published: June 2016

All people in this editorial:


Interesting Tan Lines~

Agent Provocateur Swimsuit - lines

Corset + Fishnet =
a crazy tanning pattern on your Sir’s body.

(Agent Provocateur Swimsuit 2016)

¡Átame! and J.Crew


¡átame! Tie Me Down! 1990 film poster, information below

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
J. Crew’s braided rope items.
Bondage with a Shibari feel for Summer.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (Spanish: ¡Átame!, pronounced: [ˈ], “Tie Me!”) is a 1990 Spanish dark romantic comedy film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, and starring Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril. The plot follows a recently released psychiatric patient who kidnaps an actress to make her fall in love with him. He believes his destiny is to marry her and father her children.

The film was highly successful with both critics and audiences in Spain. Its release in the United States was entangled in controversy, instrumental in the implementation by the MPAA of a new rating category, NC-17, for films of an explicit nature that were previously unfairly regarded as pornographic because of the X rating.


A movie for Master and dievca to watch before His travels to España~

Swim Goddess with a hint of BDSM – Michael Kors

Swimsuit body comparison

Soooo — different times, different desires. Huh?

How does dievca look in her swimsuits? Voluptuous — like the second Lady, by far. Who would she prefer to look like? — the first Lady, of course.

Now, Master would be appalled to hear this. He loves that His dievca is a Woman. He thinks that dievca should change the name of the blog to “žena”.

Master knows that dievca is in decent shape and loves that He won’t break her while playing. dievca will always be training through an injury that will affect her life until the end of time. she expects to be athletic and curvy in any swimsuit she chooses to wear.


Dilemma: dievca needs a new swimsuit.

Solution: Michael Kors

Chain straps, leather belts, shibari back, tied up fronts…

Flattering for curves — solidly made — hints of BDSM.


Some other brands that dievca can recommend to offer solutions for curves are: Gottex, Carmen Marc Valvo, Karla Colletto, VPL