Kindness and a Libation


A very large , “Thank You” for your kind words and glasses lifted up to honor a good Life.

The thoughts and presentations are so lovely. And dievca is working through her bottle over a long period as she replies to texts and phone calls.  A little lubrication to celebrate a Life and ease the pain of kindness.

How are you all doing? What’s going on in your lives?

(dievca’s coming up for air~)

Sometimes the job calls for a bit more…

American Soldiers with Girl and Puppy in Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy France 1944 (Getty Images)

Thank You.


Sometimes it is about being Held and Heard~

Thank you, Master.

Photo: Jef Kratochvil and nude woman cropped.

Aww, Mom…

Mother's DaySo happy she finally had a girl
(no idea the girl was a tomboy)

Such a gap between siblings
(no idea the girl would keep her young)

A shared interest in fashion
(didn’t realize the girl would keep her up-to-date)

The girl ended up bringing a great deal of Joy to her Mother.
(And her Mother shared her Life and Wisdom with the girl)

Look, my Mom can be a pain-in-the-a**. I can be one, too.
Like Mother, Like Daughter.
She puts up with me and loves me, unconditionally.
What more do you need from someone?
Right now my Mom is 90 lbs, soaking wet and she looks at me with my extra curves and says, “You are so beautiful, so healthy and strong – it’s lovely.”
– and I look at myself with new eyes.
That is love.

Aww, Mom, I love you.

I Wish (an apology)…and a Thank You.

Just wanted to share my morning cappuccino with you at Kaffe 1668. I need to apologize – I wish my Life wasn’t so messy right now. I haven’t been able to read anyone’s blog, I’m just managing to get to comments.

With selling a house, elderly parents, business issues, travel, friends in need — I can just barely get to writing posts and replying.  The joy of reading other people’s blogs is on hold.

I miss it. I miss you.

So, I would like to toast you with my lovely cappuccino heart and say “Thank You” for sticking with me and reading my blog.  I appreciate your time, feedback and caring – greatly.

Have a fabulous day, week, month and know that I will be making my way back.


your dievča


Photos: dievca - Kaffe 1668, NYC - Sept. 2016