Happy Halloween!


Time to Caress and Carve that Pumpkin!

Well, that’s mouthful!

Coffee Latte Art Thong

Looks like you would have to be left-handed to come at this the right way. XO

A slip of lace~

dievca has moved north to stay with friends in Scandinavia for the second week of her vacation.  she planned her packing around the option to do laundry at their house when she arrived.  Running a full load is better than a small load so she gathered clothing from the family to fill the washing machine.

The first load of colored clothing was ready to hang outside to dry, and a tiny thong slipped out:

to drop into dievca’s hand.  It’s from one of the daughters – who just got back from a trip to Spain with her boyfriend.  dievca just started laughing.  It’s been a long time, Babe, since dievca has worn such a tiny slip of lace. Ah, to be young, confident and tiny! XO

For the brave and well-built (G-String lingerie)

The G-string thong is a type of underwear bottoms, characterized by a narrow piece of cloth (string) that passes between the buttocks and is attached to a band around the hips via a triangle of fabric at the top. The front is covered in a variety of fabric shapes.

A G-string may be worn as a swimsuit bottom, or as underwear by both men and women.

Photo by Jocelen Janon of Leda Petit : Pasties and a G-string

Are you a G-String acolyte?
Does your Sir/Madame/Partner prefer to see your A** in its glory?