Kindness and a Libation


A very large , “Thank You” for your kind words and glasses lifted up to honor a good Life.

The thoughts and presentations are so lovely. And dievca is working through her bottle over a long period as she replies to texts and phone calls.  A little lubrication to celebrate a Life and ease the pain of kindness.

How are you all doing? What’s going on in your lives?

(dievca’s coming up for air~)

Tax Day – pushing it

Tax Day

Taxes are due today in the USA. dievca is running it right to the deadline. Sigh~

Apparently the deadline was extended to May 17th, 2021 and dievca was so busy getting them completed for April 15th – she didn’t know….ūüôĄ Well, they are done.

What day is it?

dievca spoke to her Mother and Father, yesterday.
That makes today Monday, right?
Apparently not.
Days are blurring.

On her mind: musing about time (and jobs)

There is an argument floating in the World about New Yorkers not being nice or kind. It’s not about being either of those two items – it’s about time. ¬†You may have heard the phrase “a New York minute” – that infers that one minute or 60 seconds for the World is actually 45 seconds ¬†in New York.

It’s true.

dievca is more than happy to stop and give you directions somewhere – but know where you are going and state the destination clearly. If you are going to go through the niceties and say “what a gorgeous day” or “can you suggest?” – dievca is outta there and on to her next gig.

But, if you just want directions – a quick hit. she’s your dievca and she might even walk you to the subway if it is on her way.

This changes when dievca is in the Midwest. ¬†she can say, “Hello” and she does. she will listen when you tell her that you were originally from Connecticut and you had a recent hospital stay. she understands that Sears is understaffed and is willing to help you set a new watch with the date/time for a gift while she waits in line. she will carry your stereo box out to the car because your upper body strength is gone and the guys in the back haven’t showed up. The two ladies were grateful and amazed. dievca was amazed, too.

What is the difference?


The experience caused dievca to think about businesses failing. Businesses not being able to get workers. ¬†There are jobs out there — people just don’t want them. Who wants to work at Sears? It’s going under. What about serving an older population who doesn’t shop online. Remember when the Bag Boy would help you carry your groceries? Sears didn’t have enough workers to help, so dievca helped. Physical customer service is needed with an older population.

What happens in areas of the country where the older population is dying and the houses, businesses, churches fall empty?

Witness dievca’s photos of a former Catholic Church which has been a brewery in Pennsylvania for 20 years when they consolidated three Churches in a 10 block radius. ¬†People donated for those stain glass windows and now they decorate a drinking establishment.
(Note: dievca saw mostly Irish names, so they might not mind…)

Who are the people who take the “undesirable” jobs (Sears, McDonald’s, cleaning pools, cleaning houses, elderly assistants, sanitation, etc.)

Who are the people who will move into poor and empty areas?

Who are the people who come with a dream to make their lives and the lives of their children better?

Hmmm, we went from time, to economic downturn, to social commentary.

And we have run out of time.


Time-stealer (daily prompt: measure)

via Daily Prompt: Measure

Thanks for listening, yesterday. 
My take-away?
Is that we met on Monday from 12:30 – 2:30 pm.
And you commented it was all day.
I’m not hurt. I’m just — I don’t know.¬†
Sorry, I guess – that I took up your time.
I had a nice meal, the sun was lovely. I tried to listen and be there.
Time is precious and I don’t want to be a time-stealer.
But, I guess I am.
Something new for dievca - measuring time.

¬°Ma√Īana, ma√Īana, ma√Īana!

stree art berlin white-rabbitdievca, as a young adult, tended to be late arriving at appointments and events. Always pushing the time limits, getting ready at the last moment, almost missing planes and trains, hiding her arrival so no one could figure out how late she arrived at an event, making excuses, etc.

Then she worked in Europe for several years, northern Europe in particular.
dievca’s behavior had to change for her to be taken seriously. dievca’s view of being on time¬†and her way of cancelling meetings had to change.
dievca changed.

How did she do it?

  • she checked-in on her mental health issues which were slowing her down
  • she got to bed earlier
  • she stopped over-scheduling her day
  • she stopped getting distracted by inconsequential things
  • she finally realized that she didn’t work as fast as she thought she did
  • she stopped blaming others and owned up to her lateness


You will rarely wait for dievca if you are planning to meet. And if she is late or has to cancel, you will know ASAP and she will be sincerely sorry for her behavior.

Most Americans do not match her on this~

Normally, dievca knows the cultural differences and can change her tolerance to match the people involved. ¬†But, she has found when it comes to appointments scheduled with¬†professionals and businesses, especially those professionals who charge for a missed appointment…dievca has no patience for their late cancellations and rescheduling.

To her it becomes:

¬°Ma√Īana, ma√Īana, ma√Īana!

  • One¬†ma√Īana means tomorrow.
  • Two¬†ma√Īanas¬†(¬°Ma√Īana, ma√Īana!) mean¬†later.
  • Three¬†ma√Īanas¬†(¬°Ma√Īana, ma√Īana, ma√Īana!) mean¬†never.

Now, a late¬†cancellation could be because of something legitimate but dievca wants to just forget that individual/business and go somewhere else for whatever she requires. ¬†If dievca doesn’t move on to another business — she becomes short and snippy. ¬†Not good.

Can you tell that something like this just happened to dievca? and it is preying on her mind?

she has talked to ¬†a few people about this terribly late cancellation and the solutions she gets vary depending upon the person’s nationality, age and sex.

  • Person in the same profession — “look for someone else”
  • Person who referred the¬†individual¬†— “be patient, there was an issue”
  • Person from Northern Europe — “look for someone else”
  • Young Male Person — “reschedule, it’s no big deal”
  • Older Male Person — “you chose the wrong person”
  • Young Female Person — “give them a second chance”
  • Older Female Person –“if ¬†you did that to them, they would charge you”

What did dievca do?

¬°Ma√Īana, ma√Īana! she scheduled for later — but she was snippy doing it.
Hopefully, this solution¬†will be worth the aggravation…

BTW, Master is always on time/early and cancels on time. XO

White Rabbit - Street Art Berlin
1920's Pocket Watch - Bulova

A straight line is the shortest route…

Point A to Point B
I find myself going from point A to point B
I don’t look around

What will happen if I do look around
will I loose my place

Or will I learn to live



It is the strangest thing,
dievca has never experienced this with anyone else.

With Master,
time disappears.

It doesn’t matter what Master and dievca are doing:
making dinner, cleaning house, relaxing, playing, working, taking a shower, whatever.
Either Master or dievca will glance at a clock
and time has flown on.

It is beautiful.

No boredom.

No counting the hours.

It is dangerous.

Losing a schedule.

Then, thrown out of the mists in a jarring manner.

The desire to stay and lose time is an aphrodisiac.
But, it is not always possible to indulge.

So, dievca will treasure the loss of time with Her Master.


The quote above is a paraphrase, but I love the sentiment.

Here is the poem from which it was gleaned and it’s original meaning:

Once I Pass’d Through a Populous City
by Walt Whitman

Once I pass’d through a populous city imprinting my brain for future
use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions,
Yet now of all that city I remember only a woman I casually met
there who detain’d me for love of me,
Day by day and night by night we were together‚ÄĒall else has long
been forgotten by me,
I remember I say only that woman who passionately clung to me,
Again we wander, we love, we separate again,
Again she holds me by the hand, I must not go,
I see her close beside me with silent lips sad and tremulous.