If You do it Well, do it Six times

OK, four times, with the fifth in Alpaca.
Sies Marjan Bessie Trench Coat $600-$2000...

Had a bit of an “eye-opener” this morning…

Kevin Beltz Sterling Silver Flasher Earrings – on Auction (click on photo for link)

Click photo to purchase

I thought I should respond by flashing back in my Moschino Pin-Up Raincoat.

Hmmm, lingerie or sans lingerie…

Knock, Knock…

Fleur de Mal Silk Trench and Lingerie

What if I knock on Your door wearing an exquisite silk Trench Coat?
And as you reach to take my coat, I flash you with the Spring Floral lingerie.

Yeah, I like it, too.

Not quite a Flasher: Spring/Summer Trenches

Spring Summer Trenches

Something to consider for Summer Styling —
A lightweight trench offering some Downtown Cool Vibes.
Changing it up for Master.
Diversity, dievca, Diversity!

Trench Helmut Lang Distressed Resin

Helmut Lang Distressed Resin


Trench Jenni Kayne Lightweight Crepe white

Jenni Kayne Lightweight Crepe white


Trench Jenni Kayne Lightweight

Jenni Kayne Lightweight Black


Trench Moncler Delmas Poly-Blend Trench

Moncler Delmas Poly-Blend Trench


Trench Norma Kamali Poly Lycra blue

Norma Kamali Poly Lycra blue


Trench Raquel Allegra Military Trench Coat

Raquel Allegra Military Trench Coat


Urban Nights: Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Raincoat20140315_144825dievca was making her way through the City. she was on the way to work and spotted this trench coat in the Hugo Boss window. No time to stop, so she searched for the trench online. Nothing.

dievca stopped by another Hugo Boss store — no trench coats, only a modal scarf in the print.
Finally, she had to make her way back to the original store to see the trench.
Gorgeous and unexpected.
It puts dievca’s Club Monaco Jane TrenchClub Monanco Jane Trench Taylor Swift to shame
and dievca’s Iris & Ink black trench Iris-Ink-The-Perfect-cotton-twill-trench-coat-black-can’t touch it….

Well, dievca just paid her taxes and knows that because the price tag is more than $1500, she is out of the game.
But, it was fun to look at and to share. Maybe, just maybe…if dievca keeps stopping by the shop — her size will be on sale and within her budget. Hope springs eternal.

Incase, you wanted to see the scarf:

HUGO by Hugo Boss Modal Urban Night Print Scarf

My Master, the Gentleman Dom — Nary a Wrong Step in Burberry

From dievca:
Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. ~John Ruskin
Mr. Ruskin did not have to walk the city today…
From your drowned rat.
Master’s Reply:
I’m wearing a Burberry trench coat. If I saw you I would open the coat, pull you in and surround you with Your Master’s warmth…