A squall~

NYC had a Snow Squall yesterday.

What is a snow squall? According to the National Weather Service, a snow squall is “an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall that leads to a quick reduction in visibilities and is often accompanied by gusty winds.”

Why are they more dangerous than blizzards?  Driving in a snow storm is difficult. Add in blowing wind and poor visibility, and travel can become downright dangerous. Driving in a snow squall is next to impossible.

The Squall was about 10 minutes long and dievca missed it all – she was working.  But, she was dressed appropriately against the heavy winds for the bike ride to and from work (click on photos for details):

Inexpensive and fun in the heat!



Rossi 1931 has made fine stationery and decorative papers since 1931. It continues to offer high-quality paper products. Every year it creates original works with vividly elegant, Italian designs while respecting the traditional aesthetics  of Florence, where it is based.

Paired with:

Straw Hat

Straw Hat

Chuck Taylors Eyelets

Chuck Taylors Eyelets

Starbucks Rodarte  Tote

Starbucks Rodarte Tote

Pilgrim Star Bracelet

Pilgrim Star Bracelet

MJM silver/14K cuff

MJM Circle cuff

MJM Opal Cuff

MJM Opal Cuff

Smoky Quartz Silver Drops

Smoky Quartz Silver Drops

Tanned faced, mascara, berry stained lips.
Braided hair under the hat.

Dress $39.99 – Uniqlo
Hat $0.00 – Vintage, dievca’s Mom
Shoes $20.00 – Converse Sample sale Grommet Slip-Ons, eBay
Bag $6.00 – Rodarte for Starbucks, eBay
Jewelry $0.00 – dievca’s own

Add a rooftop bar with a Summer Storm coming on and good company: you have a simple, comfortable and inexpensive evening out.

Buyer’s Remorse: NWT or NWOT $550 worth~

Photograph by Emily Keegin for Bloomberg Businessweek

Photograph by Emily Keegin for Bloomberg Businessweek

NWT = New With Tags
NWOT = New Without Tags

A survey in 2014 determined that the average woman owns $550 worth of unworn clothing . The survey of 2,137 Women, ages 18 years and over, was conducted by VoucherCloud.

dievca thinks this is true…

Everyone has something lurking in their closet (unless you just moved…and you threw too much away — dievca’s wooden mules!).  Something purchased on impulse and you haven’t figured out how to use it.  We keep the item for one or more of these reasons:

  1. It was expensive.
  2. You thought you liked it.
  3. You do like it.
  4. You like the color.
  5. You feel like you should be able to do something with it.
  6. You liked how it looks on others.
  7. You feel guilty.
  8. Someone said it looked good on you.
  9. You are hoping the fashion Gods will show you the way to wearing the item.
  10. You don’t want to throw it away.

dievca has an item like this sitting in her closet.   A 2013/2014 uniqlo ultra light down compact jacket in wine.  she bought the item with a friend in SoHo and never wore it…

Here’s the color she has and three bloggers who rocked the jacket:

Instagram user CammilleColin wraps up warm in her UNIQLO Ultra Light Down French Blogger Anne-Laure from www.adenorah.com wears a UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Compact jacket in wine Fashion blogger Valériane Hardy from www.leblogdevaloumodeuze.com matches her wine-coloured Ultra Light Down jacket with a red cable knit jumper, uniqlo ultralight down vest wine

dievca still doesn’t know how to wear it….Suggestions? 

Or should dievca just give up and put it on eBay?

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DailyMail UK: the average woman owns $550 worth of clothes with the tags still on them.:

Dressing for the weather…dievca is wearing~

Ice Floes on the Hudson

Photo: dievca – Ice Floes on the Hudson

Blame a stubborn jet stream, which for most of February has acted as a superhighway for cold air, funneling it down from Canada or even Siberia into the eastern United States.

As it limps away, February 2015 will be logged as the coldest in NYC History since 1934. The average temperature hovered at 24 degrees Fahrenheit with the coldest day clocking in on Feb. 9th at 15 below zero. The month has an 11 degree drop from the National Weather Service norm.

There is only year on record colder than 1934, which is 1885. That year the average temperatures averaged at 22.7 degrees.

And dievca’s down coat exploded.

Hekla - 1980 Eruption

Hekla – 1980 Eruption

Marmot Morning Frost Coatdievca’s fabulous Morning Frost down coat by Marmot finally died. 5+ great, hard pounding years gave way to the many bumps of dievca’s generous hips. Those bumps caused the fabric to catch and rip…feathers pouring out like lava. Black duct tape does not hide the damage well…

So , what does a practical dievca do to replace her beloved down coat?
She goes Icelandic.

North 66 Hekla Coat

 66°NORTH- Hekla Duffle Coat

Named after the Icelandic  volcano which erupted in 1980 (photo above).
Along with:

North 66 Tindur FleeceUniqlo Heattech Oral Kiely turtleneck Black Fleece Leggings Calvin Klein Performance polar fleecesmartwool-socks-20-95 Cougar the pillow boot San Diego Hat Co Black Trapper Deluxe Blowfish Mittens

-66°NORTH Tindur Fleece
-Uniqlo Heattech-Orla Kiely Turtleneck
-Uniqlo Heattech Fleece Tights
-Calvin Klein Micro Fleece Pants
-SmartWool Socks
-Cougar Pillow Winter Boots
-San Diego Hat Co. Faux Fur Trapper
-Knitwits Deluxe Blowfish Mittens

Not the most glamorous outfit (Yes, dievca does wear those mittens–she needs some color with all that black.) The outfit does the job for walking the City in very cold temperatures.
(BTW: dievca was impressed how the fashion crowd pushed through the cold of Fashion Week – some street style people in open toe shoes. Perhaps Stupid, but very Stylish!).

dievca does have to say that two of the Central Park Zoo Sea Lions look fabulous and happy in the cold weather. There are four females altogether: April, Katie, Edith and Charlotte (Charlie).

Sea lions enjoy the cold weather at the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan. PHOTO-ADRIENNE GRUNWALD FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Sea lions enjoy the cold weather at the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan. Feb. 10, 2015 PHOTO-ADRIENNE GRUNWALD FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Hekla Duffle coat has been an excellent buy for heat retention. Master just laughs at His dievca when she arrives all bundled up. He allows her to press her cold cheeks and nose on his belly when she kneels. Cold Nose, Warm Heart. Now that is generous and toasty. XO


“Diversity, dievca, Diversity”

Uniqlo Pharrel Williams The Same is Lame

dievca ran into this t-shirt at Uniqlo

— it made her think of Master and smile.

It appears that Pharrell Williams is of a same mind.

Pharrell Williams is a creative force, using music, fashion and design to express his distinctive style. Cited as Billboard’s Producer of the Decade in 2010 and with over 100 million copies of his productions sold, his prolific body of work extends to collaborating on a sculpture with artist Takashi Murakami. Now, with his latest venture i am OTHER – a multi-media creative collective and dedicated original content channel – Williams’ vision continues to push pop culture forward.

Click on the T-shirt for purchase information.

 ♥ Pharrell Willimans Marilyn Monroe

Happiness for the Summer at MoMa

If your Sir or Madam is a fan of Modern Art,
perhaps one of these pieces with set off your casual Summer Wardrobe and make them Happy.
Or maybe a piece will just make you Happy!

Uniqlo at MoMa

Pomplamoose: Pharrell Mashup: Happy / Get Lucky