A little bit brutal and a little bit warped.

But dievca likes it~

We know dievca is Slovak.  Not Czech, not Hungarian, not Austrian — Sugar Beet farmers and Soldiers.  It gets worse…the other half is Ukrainian.  That’s the half that has the true green thumb.  Everything grows when dievca touches it. Weird.


The Ukrainian side also comes with weird and wonderful relatives, a fatalistic view on life, and some warped mentalities. One cousin thought he was Jesus. The smart as hell, direct, brutally honest, or complete fantasy genetic side. The ability to go loopy, rides just under the surface.  Let’s not sugar coat it. dievca has been known to flip out, too.

Welcome to the Roller Coaster.

OK, Russia assumes that the Ukraine is part of Russia —  and kinship or not, that’s not a direction dievca (or дівчина) wants to analyze. But, she is going to make the link for Ukrainian craziness = Russian craziness

dievca ran into this video from the Russian band Leningrad and loved it.
Like the Beatles album, you can run it forward or backwards….

Warning: it’s quite graphic (and fatalistic).

Original Video

Playing through chronologically

The VERGE: This music video is absurd to watch, forward and backward