Hitting the Highway

Routes across the USA

And thinking of you!

The Map above is suggesting ways to see the USA — some are the roads (#10 – Route 66) and others are routes trasversing the United States via multiple routes using Moon Travel Guides. With air travel being a great challenge – maybe splurging on a car trip might be an option for Summer Travel.

On the Road, Again

dievca is behind the wheel and singing Willy Nelson while heading West.
she is wondering with people avoiding flying, will road trips come into fashion?
Is there a call for the vintage places of interest maps?

(click on the map to purchase a reprint)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Author: General Drafting Company
Date: 1962
Short Title: Trip Planning Map Of The United States
Publisher: General Drafting Co.
Publisher Location: Convent Station, N.J.

The widest State on dievca’s trip is:

It might be worth it to stop and see something!

Up close and personal – stereotypes of the US States by the British!

US Map made by British

dievca ran into this and had a good chuckle.
she knew the Brits were a bit crazy,
apparently they think the Americans are crazy, too!

Her map of Britain would be just as interesting…

North East Map by BritishIf you want to see more sections of the US click the link:

Stereotype Map of every US State according to British

(Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed | ekler/Shutterstock)