Built on a Rock – Viseu

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The origins of the city of Viseu date back to the Celtic period when it was called ‘Vissaîegobor’. With its Romanization, the settlement gained importance and was renamed ‘Vissaium’, being at the intersection of a series of Roman roads linking Mérida, Lisbon, and Galicia.

Viseu is associated with Viriathus, since it is thought that the Lusitanian hero may have been born in this region. After the Roman occupation of the peninsula, under the Visigoths, the settlement was elevated to the status of city and to the seat of a diocese by at least the 6th century.

Viseu is a regional economic hub with a strong wine industry and is the seat of international conglomerate Visabeira. The city is also a cultural center, home to the nationally acclaimed Grão Vasco Museum, seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Viseu, and center of national universities, including the Catholic University of Portugal.

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Photos: dievca, Viseu Portugal – 06/2022

The Start of Summer

Hilda Beach Tube

Warm summer sun,
    Shine kindly here,
Warm southern wind,
    Blow softly here.
Green sod above,
    Lie light, lie light.
Good night, dear heart,
    Good night, good night.


Load the Love

In Vacation Mode:


Flight leaves in about 48 hours.

dievca’s rosé wine is honoring or cribbing the Bleeding Hearts Love Wall, NYC

A really low dew point

can make a Beach Holiday that much more enjoyable.
(dievca has been incredibly lucky with the weather this weekend).

Photo: dievca South Beach FL 03/2022

Packing for the Beach

~First thoughts~

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Like everyone…

black-and-white image by Cecil Beaton was featured in the April 1949 issue of Vogue and depicts Mrs. John C. Wilson

dievca would like to drop everything and sit by a beach.  

There is a house to clear, a house to sell and work to complete. Money that was spent on a previous trips, so its not readily available.  Add COVID restrictions. And a body that is showing the ravages of no time for workouts, stress and perimenopause.  But, everyone has problems and everyone would like to disappear on Holiday – right?

dievca will just dream and push through~

Photo: black-and-white image by Cecil Beaton was featured in the April 1949 issue of Vogue and depicts Mrs. John C. Wilson in Jaimaca.

Feeling the urge to ski~


It seems like everyone dievca knows is skiing… In Upstate NY, a friend flew to Austria, another friend will be heading out to Tahoe, CA.  How can dievca get on that train?  She would really like to go to Banff or Whistler in Canada.  Nah, probably not in the cards this year after that 3 week vacation out West.

But it would be really fun to go skiing!

Is anyone planning to ski any time soon?

Beach Coffee – a bit dear…


Photos: dievca Coronado, CA 08/2021

Dog Friendly Del Mar and the Pineapple Whip

dievca finally got her Disney-style Dole Whip!

An Eclectic View of Lisbon

Flying Away

After a lovely moment with Master, dievca is looking for motivational music for the trip. More than half this trip is work – she needs a giddy-up push.  But, there is a little jaunt to Portugal on the itinerary. That’s dievca’s moment to “Fly Away”.

Also, dievca needs to apologize – she’s really been negligent about connecting with comments, people and blogs. Yes, busy is a baloney excuse, she’s really hoping to take a little time each morning to reconnect on the blog. she misses all of you. XO

Staycation = ……………….(4 of them!)

Have an excellent weekend!
dievca’s four days off have already started out well.



noun informal
a vacation spent in one’s home country and not abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Four days off – count ’em.
Four days!

I should go to my Mom and Dad,
and I’m not.
I will not let Catholic guilt creep in.

I love the City during Memorial Day – everyone leaves!

As I sit here, wiggling my toes – eating Cheerios. I am….happy.

Today, I’ll head to the gym and then up to Master’s for lunch, I have a cousin coming from the Midwest for the weekend – but they have a packed schedule.

Singing “Yippieee!” as I sip my coffee.

I hope you are looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend or your Bank Holiday Weekend.
sharing her delight dievca

PS. Here’s a couple of photos from the Boat Ride.

Tourism Slogans of the World = Escape


Click the graphic to see the full size!

Click the graphic to see the full size!

IRAN: You are invited
INDIA: Incredible !ndia
ARGENTINA: Beats To Your Rhythm
PORTUGAL: Europe’s West Coast
GREECE: All Time Classic

Some are direct, some are boring, some are strange and some are fun!
Maybe it’s time to plan a Vacation from the Holidays!
Master? Are you up for some travel?

“That’s not possible…..”

Scuba-Diving-In-Crete1Holiday-Makers — a term used in Europe to describe a person on vacation away from home.
And a term dievca heard used to describe the businesses which set up all-inclusive travel for Europeans, sort of like the US travel agents (a dying breed).

When dievca moved to Europe for the 1st time, she had just lived through a Winter from hell. Too much snow. All she wanted to do was go on Vacation in the sun.  In the US, she would have booked a flight by phone and found a hotel, separately. In Europe, she was directed to a package travel “holiday-maker”.

Travel Agent C

As she walked into the storefront and sat down at the desk, a lovely young lady came up to help her. dievca and the agent determined that an island in Spain would be the destination and started to try to book the trip.  dievca did not understand that the trips were canned and to do something off-schedule was unheard of — she kept getting the response “That’s not possible…”

credit-card-calculator-image.pngDon’t tell an American, “That’s not possible….” especially when she hasn’t lived in the country long enough to realize the phrase is a cultural response to opposing the norm.
dievca’s back got up.

An American thinks, “I have a credit card….anything is possible. Get the hell out of my way.”

DOS systemAfter about 20 minutes of polite arguing, dievca became bold enough to ask if she could look at the computer. It was a DOS based system and as she put in the dates she wanted (a Tuesday to a Tuesday), she had success.  The girl was amazed, “I’ve never booked a trip to Spain, in the middle of the week.” She knew it was “wrong”, so she didn’t try. Can you see why dievca got irritated?
OK, OK – dievca gets it…the agent was young.

BTW, the trip turned out to be lovely and there was a funny story with the “trip guides” who were befuddled (and a bit rude) when dievca showed up to learn about the amenities offered with the travel package. They thought she was sneaking in on their offerings because she wasn’t European….Lord forbid that an American would purchase a Holiday travel package through a very regional firm. Then they saw her name on the list of customers and were quite embarrassed. Needless, to say dievca rolled her eyes and planned her own activities…

Why is dievca telling you this story? Because she is meeting a friend in Europe to travel to Greece. And as she is trying to buy the cheapest ticket to miss the least amount of work, her friend is using an online holidaymaker and…..you guessed it….you can only get flights for certain days and times.  Of course, the ticket dievca originally bought didn’t match the options available. Thank goodness Expedia allows you to cancel within 24 hours.


dievca thought after 20 years, the Holidaymakers would have learned flexibility.
Guess not.
But, dievca still has that credit card at the ready!  😀