Last Minute Gala


Vivienne Westwood Plum Cowl Neck Dress


Under protest, dievca got roped into a fundraising Gala.  The weather was lovely, the crowd was muttering about how to remember to put make-up on and dievca was just trying to slide on by….

dievca cannot figure out if she is a curmudgeon or has gone back to her loner Generation X roots or what~ she needs to get it together and just have fun at these events rather than whining.

Yeah, ok, next week she will try again. And another week in June.

Is there anything you are pushing through?

Old Favorites

When the schedule is packed and you are rushing around –
it helps to know that you have the “old favorites” in a Go-bag.
All readily available to make an elegant Presentation for Master:

  • Vivienne Westwood “Orgie” Dress in Orange
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Black Leather Heels
  • Wolford black Thigh-Hi Stay-up stockings
  • Hartman Rose Collar and Lead in Gold Lether
  • Chanel Red Allure Lipstick

Gracefully with Personality: Vivienne Westwood at YOOX and dievca’s closet

The first 7 Vivienne Westwood dresses are available at YOOX.

The second 8 Vivienne Westwood items are in dievca’s closet (starting at the 2nd green dress). she’s missing photos of her indigo “Hangover” dress that has been worn to the woof and her “go to” jersey funeral dress in a very dark burgundy.

When Century 21 was open in NYC – dievca would haunt the Vivienne Westwood racks and if they had a sample sale – she was there.  The items are cut for curvy in mind and ladylike enough for Master, quirky enough for His dievca.

dievca will be wearing the sequin dress for New Year’s Eve.

Obviously dievca did not know Vivienne Westwood, but she admired her boldness in growing old gracefully with personality. May we all grow older gracefully with personality!

Vivienne Westwood Juergen Teller fame laid bare

Where to begin?


Vivienne Westwood, the designer who defined the look of punk, using rock iconography, royalty, art and religion as recurring motifs in collections that brought a rebellious edge to British style, and who later went on to a long career in high fashion, died on Thursday in the Clapham neighborhood of South London. She was 81.

Via the New York Times on 12/29/2022

Doin’ Disney~

A risqué illustration featuring 64 Disney characters showed up in Paul Krassner’s satirical US publication, The Realist, 50 years ago.

Originally published out of the offices of Mad, The Realist lays serious claim to being the world’s first and longest surviving underground magazine, running from 1958 to 2001.

In 2007, Krassner recounted to The Guardian how he was inspired to commission the drawing by Disney’s death in 1966:
“I decided to visit Disneyland for the first time. I asked the head of security if there was any special ceremony to mark his death.

“‘No,’ he replied. ‘We kept the park open. We felt that Mr Disney would have wanted it that way.’ This was the moment I realised that, although Disney had served as the Intelligent Designer for a whole stable of imaginary characters – repressing their libidos in the process – they were now mourning for him in a state of suspended animation.

“When I got home, I called Wally Wood, a staff artist for Mad magazine, and assigned him to create a black-and-white montage for the middle two pages of the May 1967 issue.”<

The artwork inspired irreverent t-shirts with Snow White and “the Sir Punks”, plus Minnie and Mickey going at it  selling at Seditionaries.  This was one of a number of graphics introduced into the historic store at 430 King’s Road early in 1978 by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.


WTF — an Iconic Choice

Label this under:
“What the F***”
“dievca is not getting any younger” and

Vivienne Westwood elevated court shoes in black leather

dievca took the plunge
she has been lusting for awhile

(Crazy Train: Vivienne Westwood Sky High)

They are the Vivienne Westwood elevated court shoes in black kid leather.
Designed in the early 1990s.

Created for Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn/Winter 1990 Portrait Collection, the Black Elevated Court Shoe initially challenged wearability with their vertiginous style. A wardrobe essential, finish the look with these classic Westwood heels.

Vivienne Westwood elevated court shoes in black calfskin $805 Vivienne Westwood Elevated Court Shoe Kid Black_Detail Vivienne Westwood ELEVATED C_KID_BLK_1_1

Offered on the Vivienne Westwood website for $805

Not quite as tall as the Iconic Gillie – but close.

Vivienne Westwood Gillie

Mandatory Credit: Photo by News (UK) Ltd / Rex Features (212718m) Naomi Campbell falling over Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show, Paris, France - 1993

So, dievca went with the Elevated Platform
while her balance is still good enough to pull it off…
Please tell her to “break a leg”!
she cannot wait to hear what
Master will think.
Diversity, dievca, Diversity!

Buy less, choos…

Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!”

― Vivienne Westwood

Words dievca needs to live by for the New Year.
Time for a closet clear out…it is going to be a challenge.
dievca HAS to get to it…
While that is happening, may dievca leave you with some photos of her favorite
Dame Vivienne Westwood’s pieces?
Chosen randomly, with love and lust in mind:


vivienne westwood gladiator-sandals Vivienne Westwood dresses emblazoned with the vintage Union Jack print vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter- vivienne-westwood-friday-red dress vivienne_westwood_best_womenwears_vest_skirtvivienne-westwood-anglomania-multi-bale-sunday-dress-1-610x610 vivienne-westwood-suede-pirate-boots-camel1 Campaign_Vivienne_Westwood_S-S2011_Juergen-Teller_ vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter-pants Vivienne-Westwood-Dresses-Collection-2013-14 vivienne-westwood-square-red dress vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter-dress Vivienne Westwood Corset Vivienne Westwood Draped Vintage corset Dress in rust Vivienne Westwood Wolford vivienne-westwood-gold-label-white-long-savannah-dress- Vivienne Westwood Juergen Teller vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter-coat Westwood Monday Top2 Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood Juergen Teller fame laid bare

May we all be this fabulous in our Golden Years.
(OK, I know photoshop may be involved. But, dievca can be photoshopped, too!)

Crazy Train….Vivienne Westwood Sky High

vivienne-westwood-black platform shoe

A little background music while you absorb dievca’s wish for a pair of:
Vivienne Westwood Sky High Platforms.

Video might be a little much for the morning….unless you really like to Rock.
PS. Look how young and clear Ozzy looks and sounds.

(Yes, I know that Dame Vivienne was more into punk — but the song is appropriate and dievca might have a Metal Fan or two, in the crowd. One located in France, perhaps?)

Will dievca’s Master like these shoes?
Uhh, dievca doesn’t think so — but she is on a quest…..a quest to break an ankle!
dievca imagines that Master will just laugh at her and say, “Wear the shoes at home.”

L0071026 Super Elevated ghillie shoesvivienne westwood Tan Rust Platformvivienne westwood Black-mock-croc-platform-productVivienne Westwood Pink Platformsvivienne-westwood-green platformsVivienne Westwood_Shoe_Platform PinkVivienne Westwood Blue Platform Shoesnaomi-campbell 1993 tumble