Women’s March 2018

I forgot to share these photos from Europe.
Apparently the message this past Summer was Female Empowerment!

January 20th, 2018 is the NYC Women’s March
Before the march there will be a rally in Central Park (61st to 62nd Streets at Central Park West) at 11:30am. The procession begins at 12:30pm, and the route goes through Columbus Circle, then east on 59th Street and south on Sixth Avenue with exits at 45th, 44th and 43rd Streets. Registration is not required, but let the Women’s March Alliance know you’re attending via Facebook

Stayed in NYC

Positive, promoting Women, Mix of Races, Religions, Gender and Sexuality.
May the positive wishes for Humanity move forward.
Photos: dievca 01/21/2017 NYC

Do you go?


Carlos Barria/Reuters

There is a March calling to you.

For your Mother
For your Sister
For your Wife
For your Daughter
Your Cousins
Your Girlfriends
Their Children
Your Female, Gay and Minority Friends

Your Lovers, Your Close Friends, Your reality-checks.
Those who make your Life more full.

And those who work to teach female children to be strong, daily.

Do you go? My Hippie?
Do I?

London has an option: https://www.womensmarchlondon.com/the-march

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