Coming Up for Air

Underwater Photography by Joseph Seif.

the final push
off the bottom

releases energy
and leaves a trail

the finish
blurs into the beginning

with a gasp
of air

dievca’s final push through an insane week concludes at 4 pm EDT

Back at it on a Monday!

Rejuvenated and ready to try, again.
How ’bout you?
Have a good week!

Master is helping his daughter move…

He’s Grumpy!
After the move Master is taking on IKEA bookshelf build detail:

dievca is just so entertained with the thought.
IKEA was a “Defining Moment” in Master and dievca’s Relationship.
(When dievca and Master survived an IKEA piece)

Running a bit late this morning~

dievca had a working dinner last evening in her apartment.  The number of attendees kept growing and good information was shared.

Monroe at the premiere party for the 1953 film, How to Marry a Millionaire. Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe would start filming River of No Return

And then the bubbly came out:

George Best enjoying a drink.

Let’s just say this morning was sssslllloooowwww…


Morning after the Night before~

Being Passionate.

dievca went to a Bat mitzvah, last evening. It was the most formal presentation of a Young Adult she has experienced in the 16 years in the City. What she means is that the Rabbi was passionate, the celebrant was well tutored and it was a lovely service.

dievca is not Jewish and she doesn’t understand Hebrew – but, again, the Rabbi was so passionate and explained the service clearly, dievca paid attention and was engaged.

What it reinforced is that dievca ends up enjoying going on someone’s ride when they are passionate about their Life, Talents, Calling or Crafts.

What are you Passionate about?

Take dievca on your ride!

Coffee on the move today~

Good Morning!

Hosting 30+, gotta go~

So that Birthday thing?
dievca’s hosting 30+ on the rooftop to celebrate.  she has to work 6 hours, too.

Love to you on a Saturday – she’s gotta go!

Work outfit:

Party Outfit: