You’ve gotta be like a shark…

to reserve a lane at dievca’s local swimming hole.
One person allowed in one lane for 30 minutes.
Reservations open up 24 hours before the session and they are gone within 20 seconds.
So that’s 6+ people lurking on their computers waiting for a registration time to open.
Circling for the kill.

A hilarious thought, really.

Anyone else trying to get Mid-Winter moving?

Hilda by Duane Bryers (1911-2012)

Chain the Moon!

Photo: dievca NYC a little shy of the full moon 11/2020

The Beaver Moon will occur on Nov. 30, 2020 and will reach its fullest phase Monday morning, Nov. 30, at 4:30 a.m. Eastern time.

As the moon is becoming full early Monday morning, there will be a partial lunar eclipse — known as a penumbral eclipse. While it’s not as dramatic as a full lunar eclipse, it could be visible here on the East Coast and in other areas of North America.

A penumbral eclipse takes place when the moon drifts through the outer section of Earth’s shadow, or penumbra, and part of the sun’s rays are blocked from shining on the moon during that time, according to astronomy experts at

dievca caught an early glimpse of what is to come, heading home from the gym last night.  Looks lovely in Chains.

When a friend knows you well enough to buy you a vibrator (something of use)

OK, it is a vibrating roller – but it still falls in the vibration causes pleasure category!

dievca should explain…
she is a huge fan of the Power Plate Machine at her gym. It’s helped her strengthen her body.

More importantly, it helped her loosen her insanely tight quads, glutes, calves, feet, and hamstring muscles.

(Note the roller…)

When COVID-19 hit, dievca was out-of-luck with using the Power Plate machine at her gym.  she had to depend on her heating pad, foam roller and heavy-duty time consuming traditional stretching. Not a worry when you have time to spare, but the results were not as euphoric as using the vibrating plate with a roller.

NYC is expecting COVID-19 to hit, again.

dievca’s access to the Power Plate will disappear.

But, it is not a problem anymore. dievca’s friend bought her a vibrator.
In the form of a Vibrating Foam Roller:

Next Roller vibrating foam roller $99 from Amazon (click photo for link) 

  • Three speeds of vibration
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • One Year Warranty

Looks like a good solution for tight muscles in quarantine or any other time.
It works well, dievca used it immediately.

An amazing birthday gift, right?😍

A Simple Saturday Solution

Inexpensive, simple design, excellent for upcoming cooler nights and … on Sale.
Gap Jacquard Pullover Hoodie
Originally $79.95 on sale for $56.00.

Quilted jacquard knit.
Long sleeves.
Hooded neckline.
Drawcord tie at the hem.
Olive Green, True Black, Frosty Grey, and Cosmetic Pink
98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
Machine wash.

Might as well look good working out at home~

Something of Use
dievca admired someone’s workout bra at her gym and was turned on to a Fitness Brand that is very comfortable, yet holds all your pieces in nicely.  Splits59

Just the thing to wear during Skype workouts.

Image result for splits59 maya ombre

Splits59 Maya TechFlex Bra Ombre

Established in 2008, Splits59 is the culmination of co-founders Jonathan Schwartz and Keith Peterson’s mission to create the best activewear on the market. Their workout clothes mix high-tech performance fabrics with flattering silhouettes—including the super popular Splits59 Raquel flare leggings, supportive sports bras, and graphic tanks—all made in Los Angeles with loving precision. Even the name represents the company’s exacting attention to small details: A constant reminder that a split second can actually make all the difference, especially for an athlete.


Master has been working out consistently.
He has left His dievca in the dust.

dievca has been cleared by her Doctor’s as healthy.
she leaves for Europe at the end of July.
It’s time to turn it on.

Some kind of physical workout every day.
Today is stretching.

Does D/s Play count?


Eye Candy

eye can·dy
/ī ˈkandē
noun – informal
Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.

~ Urban Dictionary

In a sentence:

dievca is heading to the gym to work on becoming a piece of eye candy for her Master.

Awkward beginnings: the Jogbra (lingerie)

It’s becoming sexier, the Sports Bra.  But its history is not so elegant, as innovative:

By 1977, Lisa Lindahl had taken up jogging and was fed up with running in her regular underwire bra. The University of Vermont employee was frustrated that her male jogging partner could take off his shirt to cool down, while she was stuck in a bra that slipped off her shoulders and dug into her back as she ran.

Lindahl vented to friend and costume designer Polly Smith that why there something that women could wear to support their breasts without chafing or overheating?

The two along with another costume designer, Hinda Miller,  set out to create a solution, but didn’t make much progress until Lindahl’s then-husband grabbed his jockstrap and held it over his chest. He joked that he’d found the solution.

Turns out, he was onto something.

“I put it over my chest and it went right over my breast,” Lindahl, now in her late 60s and living in Charleston, SC, told The New York Post. “I looked at Polly and said, ‘Oh my word!’”

Prototype of the Original Jogbra

The women sewed two jockstraps together, creating what they called the Jockbra, which was rebranded as the Jogbra. The $16 bra was a revelation: It held breasts in place without metal fixtures or stuffy padding, and the cross-back straps never fell off shoulders.

Lindahl and her partners sold the company to what would become Champion in 1990.

The summer of 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of the invention — and while the sports bra has undoubtedly made technical leaps in the intervening years, its history is a fraught one.

Before the jockbra came into existence, female athletes had been forced to exercise in their regular bras, going so far as to tape the shoulder straps back so they didn’t slip as they ran. Others ran without a bra, leading to uncomfortable catcalls.

Not surprisingly, women embraced the Jogbra, which was sold in sporting goods stores and later advertised in women’s magazines. At the time, the nation had been in the midst of a jogging obsession, and the passing of Title IX in 1972 had given more female students access to participating in sports.

(Lisa Lindahl was smiling with Brandy Chastain’s Soccer celebration antics.)

“It’s amazing how fast sales grew, because there was a pent-up desire for it,” says sports bra science and marketing consultant to Champion LaJean Lawson, Ph.D., who has spent more than 30 years studying and developing sports bras.

‘There is no piece of apparel more difficult to design well than a sports bra.”

Every Woman’s ribcage size is different, breast shapes are different, the breast placement is different, size of shoulders is different, etc. The sports bra originally focused on vertical bounce, but it turns out that breasts bounce horizontally and actually in a figure eight pattern while jogging. Breasts, on the average, weigh 3 pounds and gravity takes its toll, especially while exercising.

The Daily Mail: Why Your Breasts Bounce and How It Tells Your Age

Hurrah for the Jogbra! But the newer sports bras need to be doing more.

Thank you to, The NY Post and The Daily Mail


The 300-page diary and personal planner for 2018 is packed with stunning photos alongside daily training schedules and tables to record goals, achievements and results. It benefits the One Year Fund, which raises money for footwear, clothing and equipment for underfunded young athletes.

London photographer and founder of the project Dominika Cuda, a former Biathlete, added: ‘We reach out to the best and brightest, help them stay on their chosen path and motivate them in achieving their goals.’

Read more: Daily Mail Athlete Sizzling Calendar

Allez, Allez, Allez!

The Tour de France is on!

(drama with Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan)

And you might be motivated to get on the road or take part in your local spin class.
This t-shirt might get you going!

dievca picked up the fun biking/workout piece from the brand, Rapha, in London. The color of her t-shirt is the same as above with short sleeves. Below are the colors offered on the website, now.

Rapha has an offer:
If you have purchased a jersey this year and lost weight through riding, Rapha would like to offer you a 50% discount on your new size jersey.
Something motivating for your efforts in cycling!

Rapha downsize offer and interview with Ethan Souplee about learning to cycle and losing weight.


An athletic you…under duress.

Years ago, dievca talked about how athletic you might need to be for D/s or BDSM.  It has come back to her as she has dealt with sympathetic injuries due to a biking accident. Fractured foot, over-use injuries and sympathetic injuries.

In this case, dievca is injured on a side that wasn’t inline with her athletic injuries.  After getting the injured muscles to relax and re-fire, she can now walk and is using simple (very simple) dance therapy to help a torn psoas muscle, actually the iliopsoas, pulled rectus femoris (think generic term hip flexors- you with dievca?) and an over-stretched groin. Add-in that dievca needs to balance the over-use on the other side of her body.

OK, babbling…you might not care about injuries and recovery.
But, dievca can offer two outfits that have made her happy in her workouts.  
(Funny thing? Master has never seen them…he has never worked out with dievca.)

Workout outfit #1 : Nike

Workout outfit #2: Free People Movement

Splash of Color: Tory Sport

dievca is working out for her Master, for herself, for her trip in May. After many years of training in any workout clothes that were close at hand — she cannot carry it anymore. she’s older, so the “college” look is out and she trains at a posh NYC gym.  dievca treated herself to two Nike outfits in 2014.  It’s time they were updated.

Enter Tory Sport: something new on dievca’s radar. And new, in general — it launched September 2015.  The line is sold mostly through e-commerce, though there is one stand alone shop at the original space where Tory Burch launched her line on Elizabeth Street. dievca was directed to Tory Sport because she admired a blue see-thru anorak in Glamour Magazine.  she will be checking out the shop tomorrow after work.

Here’s what dievca is planning to look at:


“Get in good physical condition before submitting to bondage. You should be fit to be tied.” -Robert Byrne


“Get in good physical condition before submitting to bondgage.  You should be fit to be tied.” -Robert Byrne

A BDSM lifestyle can be quite physically challenging:

Kneeling, Stretching, Hogtied, Restraining, Restrained, Tying, Tied, Bending, Spanking, Corsets, Heels, Latex, Relevé, Lifting, Beating, Serving, Crawling, Furniture, Being, etc. Many Kinks need some form of  training to complete.  It is wise for Partners,  Dominant and Submissive alike,  to workout.

Lululemon has got you covered.

Male or Female the brand has technical clothing that is fashionable as well as functional.  dievca is a former National Competitor in two aggressive sports. She has had her fair share of injuries and workout clothing.   After a serious back injury she has made a successful return to the land of the fit and Lululemon has been a great choice. The brand has held up to sweat, tears and multiple washings.  Plus, dievca decided if she is going to “shake that ass” as Master watches — she might as well  look the best that she can.  Lululemon Fashion is flattering!

Take a look online sometime.