spell check disaster

Are you missing the spelling application that was a part of WordPress? dievca is, she would hit the “ABC” button on a post prior to scheduling…. There’s no more button.

Is anyone else having a problem with their spelling?

dievca did notice that her ‘furtile immagination” should have been ‘fertile imagination’ and she’s sure that she has missed more items. Please let her know if you spot misspellings or rotten grammar.

dievca did turn on her Google Chrome spelling option. Maybe it will help.
Until something happens know that…

Story Line: Female Character Flow Chart ~

Just for fun, click on the graphic to expand it. When you see the descriptions up close, you can follow female character development for a potential story line.
OK, it’s limiting (you are often pushed towards negative portrayals) and the development options for strong female characters is weak. But, taken in good fun…
which character might be someone you know?

PS. dievca’s personal character path was pathetically short and didn’t offer a character photo. Must mean that she is very boring as a story character ~ Bummer.
Female Character Flow Chart

Graphic originally offered on “www.overthinkingit.com”.
Developed by Shana Mlawski and Carlos A. Hann Commander.

Women in Hollywood: 2010 had too many good female performances…