Vintage Dior

Christian Dior Vintage Corsage Top
If I had a rose for every time I thought of you,
I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.

~Swedish Proverb
Christian Dior Vintage Skirt Far Fetched

15 Comments on “Vintage Dior”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Absolutely mesmerising!! Xx

  2. esther says:

    love the proverb…undecided about the dress…need to see it on a person. xx

    • dievca says:

      I think it would be stunning on with some 1930’s t-strap shoes in gold. It has such a classic line.

      The proverb is just simple and elegant, too. XO

  3. Gorgeous! With the golden leg chain I just saw in an earlier post… exactly what I need to set me back in the right mood after the horror of the last couple of days… xxx

    • dievca says:

      Ah, Man, I am glad that I could recharge you. I think this vintage top and skirt is so elegant — I love that you want to put a fun treat under the skirt to be found. XO

    • dievca says:

      Just for a sense of fun — check out that Golden Age of Porn (ahem) Erotica music — the descriptions will make you giggle. January 7th post.

  4. zaychishka says:

    I love that rich fuchsia, it is definitely a stunning piece ..and you can never go wrong with vintage, especially Dior 🙂

    • dievca says:

      The top and skirt just spoke to me of elegance with a touch of boldness in the flower. It’s for sale on the Island of Capri ( — they didn’t say much about the history of the dress, but it seems to have traveled well. XO

  5. hispetitelle says:

    Vibrant. Yes, t-strap shoes would look wonderful with this.


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