Embarrassed, Awed, Amazed or Pathetic?

dievca has mentioned that Master is traveling Europe for work, so she’s on her own for physical satisfaction. Master just expects to hear about the activity, he rarely limits or directs the activity.

So, what does a dievca call it when she squeaks in a quickie?  and it happens so fast that she has time to write a blog post afterward in amazement before heading into the shower and back to work.

OK, please note that dievca’s schedule has been brutal, it usually is during Spring. Sleep has been a little short and the time taken for pleasure – non-existent.

So, a vibrating anal plug, glass dildo, and clit vibrator worked magic in less than 30 seconds.

Maybe it was the anticipation of pleasure while gathering the toys that started the process, maybe it was thinking of Master and how He would like to watch. Maybe its just pathetic.

dievca doesn’t know and after feeling the hard orgasm, she doesn’t care.


Ciao! “(I am your) slave”


Ruth Orkin: American Girl in Italy

Ciao comes from the Italian dialectal term schiavo which means “(I am your) slave,” or more colloquially “your humble servant.” It ultimately finds its roots in the medieval Latin sclavus meaning “slave.”

So, without further ado, dievca says:

McQueen’s Masterpiece and dievca’s poor 2nd


Alexander McQueen’s painted leather corset – exquisite presenting for Master.
Completely out of dievca’s budget: Net-A-Porter $2213.00

But she can dream, right?

Her solution from ages, ago — which is a poor second, but still appreciated by Master is a genuine leather steel-boned corset with buckles. A little “steampunk” looking, but when the leather warms up and stretches, it creates a beautiful silhouette which Master adores.  He really does prefer to see dievca in a corset.  dievca just wishes she could upgrade her look.

On the other hand…what if lube, semen, spit, squirt, etc. would get on the McQueen corset?


dievca should stick with her tried and true leather corset.

leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_665 leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_759 leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_665-person leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_759-person


May I test your mattress…

…by napping in the sun and waiting patiently for your return.


Alice Photography: Alphonetea

Morning Reality

The wrinkles
The sagging
The stiffness

That is reality

The attention
The attraction
The devotion

That is reality

One on one
They cancel out
Leaving Dominance and submission

That is reality

Graphic: Cropped portion of Ma Femme Nue Regardant son Porpe Corps Prints by Salvador Dalí

Connection point. NYC.

A place to connect your submissive/slave’s lead if you take a walk in NYC.
dievca would be curious if Master would be interested.
It could be done subtly.
Or under the cover of darkness.

Last Minute Gala

dievca wasn’t going to go.
It’s a last-minute addition to the schedule – as in…tonight.
Only for a cocktail, right?
A quick, strategic hit…
See and be seen~

What to wear?
What’s quick and easy?

It’s coming on Halloween, dievca always wears a dress… so, to change it up: