Travelling…it’s 23 below (F) = -30.55C

Hello from the frigid Midwest.  It’s cold. It was -32 F earlier.

Family, Dogs, Frank Lloyd Wright/Stickley Furniture. Nice.

Here’s the last view from NYC before leaving:

Photo: dievca NYC 12/2017

And, yes, dievca has her Kiehl’s on her face to battle the cold while wandering the land with the dogs. Catch up with y’all later. XO

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

6 Comments on “Travelling…it’s 23 below (F) = -30.55C”

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    long gloves that keep your wrists warm and coconut oil mixed with your lovely face cream. if you can find a silk vest … that would help too…

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    • dievca says:

      I’m a mittens – girl and they are good with my heavy coat (North 66 – Icelandic Brand). I’ll have to look for coconut oil. Silk long underwear is available! Thank you. Good thoughts, XO.


      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        good and warm thoughts to you too … mittens are good but … having spent most of my life in hot countrys … i learnt a little trick. when one is boiling hot, cooling down ones wrists works a treat and the same applies to the cold. Your main arteries are in your wrists and if you keep them warm, you keep your blood at a warm temperature which helps with the rest of your precious body… so longer gloves/mittens are important. do find the coxonut oil. it is the best wind barrier. i use it every day , just a tiny bit with my daily moisturiser and at night a little more than i would use during the day. i am 50 in a few montha and i have not a wrinkle in sight !!! its a wonderful thing. i dont buy organic (xannot afford) but use the ones in the “foreign foods’ aisle used for cooking. it works a treat.

        and silk underwear is amazing – for something so very thin it is extraordinary how warm it keeps a girl x

        happy new year Dearest Dievca – may your year be beautiful x

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      • dievca says:

        Thank you for your lovely caring! Wrists are normally covered so I focus on the fingers grouping together for warmth, rather than separating the fingers via gloves. Actually had to turn off the vents at my parents, they are keeping the temps high and I was dying of heat exposure. (They are in their mid 80’s with no body fat – hard to keep warm.) Doing well so far~


      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        i think of you a lot dear one – cyling around New York – and just being the glorious you that you are x

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      • dievca says:

        (umm, or the disaster I am)


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