“I have stopped trying to figure you out…”

No, Master did not give up on His dievca – he just has accepted that His dievca reacts and does things differently than He expects when she is not in submissive mode. she is a completely different personality type than what Master normally hangs out with~

dievca pointed out that their underlying value structure and overall beliefs are the same – it’s just the day-to-day view of Life, ability to function and their conclusions after processing information is different.
dievca is a fox, Master is a hedgehog.

Makes for interesting conversations, activities and occasional irritations.

Along with having similar core values, both Master and dievca are well-traveled.  Master travels more heavily internationally, 5 of 7 Continents. dievca, 3 of 7 Continents – but she visits more States.

Having different travel habits, dievca is very spacial and can pack a suitcase masterfully. Master cannot recreate the packing that dievca does for Him, so they have learned that she needs to leave Him extra space for, uh, messy packing.

Master would never use a passport cover. dievca has used one since college and just retired it after 20+ years to pay homage of being a Fox….

dievca’s retired Kate Spade 1990’s passport cover

dievca’s new passport cover 2019

As Master has given up on figuring dievca out – dievca has settled into knowing that her Master will always fascinate her with His responses (or non-responses) to certain issues in Life.

Both Master and dievca have decided to accept each other – as is.

‘Chemical Play’: Some like it HOT!

Some Like It Hot, Marilyn Monroe

Does anyone have burnout from the Holidays? Can dievca distract you with a Hot Chili Pepper or two?

Definition – What does Chemical Play mean?

Chemical play refers to the use of chemical substances, often in liquid form, during sex. These chemicals are means of increasing excitement through different tactile sensations. They are applied sensually through caresses and sometimes, even using sexual body parts such as the penis or nipples. Substances used include chili peppers, tabasco, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, Bengay, Tiger Balm, and Vicks Vapor Rub. These are applied anywhere on the body, including favorites such as the genitals, anus, inner thighs, and tongue.

Chemical play can be very exciting. It adds another level of sensation during sex which can increase the intensity of orgasms.  Remember that introducing foreign substances to ones body has innate risks. At the very least, applying these chemicals can cause temporary burns. Safety FIRST! When one intends to play with chemicals, test the substances and have items that can counter their effects nearby, such as water, milk, and anti-inflammatory medicine.

A comprehensive primer on CHEMICAL PLAY – please read before playing!

Coin purse, earrings and dress from Kate Spade.
plus a haiku from a Cape Cod hot sauce maker Rooster Fricke called “The Chili”:

Ooooh! It’s way too hot.
I will not do that again.
Until the next time.

dievca disasters: Holiday Party 2016

What happened to dievca, last year….a dievca disaster.

All Typed Up: Kate Spade

dievca doesn’t consider herself a writer.
Master is a writer: His talents and gifts are amazing.
dievca does find herself looking at a keyboard – much more than she ever dreamed of
and she is enjoying the time spent there.

So, as a nod to that joy of attempting to write and
fulfilling the need for a red handbag —
dievca stalked eBay to purchase a certain Kate Spade purse:

The Clyde.

Kate Spade Clyde Bag

Whimsical retro-inspired design defines a lightly textured leather satchel with a structured silhouette, furnished with an optional crossbody strap and dual patent leather handles.

  • Top zip closure.
  • Exterior zip-around pocket.
  • Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.
  • Custom woven script jacquard lining.
  • Protective metal feet.
  • Leather.
  • By kate spade new york; imported

Did dievca do well?  she thinks so — at least it makes her smile. 😀

Splash OUT with Kate Spade!

Kate Spade Splash Out Melly Clutch

Kate Spade Splash Out Melly Clutch


Kate Spade Splash Out Crab Purse

Kate Spade Splash Out Flip Flop coin Purse

Kate Spade Splash Out Flip Flop coin Purse

Kate Spade Splash-Out-Wicker-Clam-Shell-298

Kate Spade Splash Out Clam Shell Purse

Dear Santa, I wish….

Kate Spade Santa Mittens

Kate Spade Santa Mittens

Kate Spade Santa Hat

Kate Spade Santa Hat

For Santa to come down off the roof, sneak in my house, tie me up, and give all that I dream of to my Dom, to please him and surprise him with all his dreams and fantasies…To give him a break from life and stress for just one day, then I would like to spoil him and pamper him until he could take no more.
Then, get naked and roll around with him until morning.

~ sagacity.com

Let the Hands do the Talking: Kate Spade

As the cold weather arrives…
a great debate begins to take place:

Kate Spade Arrow mittens Kate Spade Hi 5 mittens Kate Spade Night Owl mittens Kate Spade Over Here mittens Kate Spade X O mittens Kate-Spade-Air-Quote-Mittens kate-spade-kate-spade-taxi-mittens- kate-spade-left right mittensMittens vs. Gloves

The glove-wearers among us state that they pre­fer them because they pro­vide more dex­ter­ity than mit­tens. Also, they say, gloves insu­late each digit indi­vid­u­ally, while mit­tens do so only for the thumb.

Body heat. Your fin­gers, when bun­dled together, are bet­ter able to gen­er­ate heat using one another. Plus, when it comes to snow sports, how much dex­ter­ity do you really need? You can just as eas­ily hold your poles and put Frosty’s car­rot nose into place with your mit­tens as well as you can with a gloved set of fingers.

The sin­gle most impor­tant step you can take in keep­ing your hands warm is to make sure they stay as dry as pos­si­ble. The more moist your hands get, the higher the poten­tial that they’ll get cold.

dievca will take the mittens, please.
The ones with the “Air Quotes”.

More information: http://www.theclymb.com/stories/out-there/gloves-versus-mittens-educated-debate/

Kate Spade Saturday: BDSM at the Office

Kate Spade Saturday Multi-Strap HeelClean, Classy
and a little Strappy

Kate Spade Saturday Multi-Strap Heel2

Perhaps a little Sassy
and asking to be made Happy.

Oh Dear, that was pathetic - wasn't it?  Well, at least the shoes are awesome. XO